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Pixar Book Report: The Pixar Treasures/Partly Cloudy + Logo Design

In their latest catalog, Disney Press has released some new information on upcoming Pixar books. Cartoon Brew was at the London Book Fair this week and picked up the preview.

Tim Hauser’s next book after The Art of Up called The Pixar Treasures (which he talked about in an interview last year) , was mentioned. CB links to the Amazon page which describes the 64 page book:
"The Pixar Treasures is a scrapbook of instinct and inspiration, experiences readers can touch, and visions that exist only in the imagination… Hauser’s narrative covers the struggles, growth, and successes of an incredible animation studio… Filled with unique removable keepsakes, The Pixar Treasures is an essential collector’s item for every Pixar fan."
The book is available for $60.00 and comes out September 22, 2009, check out the full description here!

Also listed was a preview of the children’s book adaptation of Pixar’s upcoming short film Partly Cloudy which also includes the logo design! You can check out pictures from the book, coming to stores in November (to coincide with the Up DVD) priced at $4.99, right here. Learn more about the short film including images, concept art, reviews and the synopsis here.

(via Cartoon Brew)

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  1. parka says:

    That’s a very pricey for a 64-page book. I hope it’s worth it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The similar book, The Disney Treasures, has the same price and comes with a CD. I wonder if this book has anything like that.

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