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As this year ends and the new one begins, we have not one, but two Pixar features to look forward to.
Pete Docter’s ambitious mind film Inside Out will hit theaters on  June 19th. We shared two new images from that film in our last post, and now there’s one more still. In this image, it looks as if one of Riley’s memories is being projected in her mind as the emotions observe. Riley is walking with both of her parents on either side of her, and if I were to guess, I’d say it’s a happy memory. The color in this still is soft, yet vibrant. You can really see how well the lighting is in effect.
The Good Dinosaur, directed by Pete Sohn with former director Bob Peterson taking the story credit, is due for the latter half of 2015, on November 25th. The film’s logo has also been updated. As with the Inside Out logo, this one is relatively simple but with some subtle adjustments. The letters look almost crude owing to the prehistoric time period. It may not be impressive, but the concept art more than makes up for it.
Let the countdown to 2015 begin!

Last modified: December 30, 2014

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