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Pixar Planet, Upcoming Pixar Form Partnership

January 01, 2008


Long-time Business Associates Form New Internet Leader in Pixar Fandom and News

Cape Coral, FL and Brisbane, QLD (January 01, 2008 EST) – Furthering its strategy of being the most complete, biggest and creative Pixar fan site, Brandon Neeld, owner of Pixar Planet (FISE: PXRP) and Thomas Huxley, owner of Upcoming Pixar, announced today that Pixar Planet has agreed to partner up with one of the leading providers of Pixar related news, Upcoming Pixar (FISE: UPXR) in a complete site merger, which has been completed and launched today. Under the terms of agreement, Upcoming Pixar will continue to provide up-to-date Pixar Animation Studio’s related news allowing the two sites to form the biggest and most complete Pixar fan website.

This merger combines Pixar Planet’s preeminent fandom and technological resources with Upcoming Pixar’s up-to-date news, resulting in vast potential for new venues and exciting prospects in reporting and supporting the Pixar news and fan world.

"With this merger, we welcome and embrace Upcoming Pixar’s news reporting, which for three years, has fostered the most complete Pixar news reporting on the internet." Neeld said. "The addition of Upcoming Pixar enhances the prospects available now to Pixar Planet, which will help drive growth across our websites. This merger significantly advances our strategic priorities, which include – first and foremost – delivering the best news and resources to our readers and followers."

Upcoming Pixar Editor in Chief, Thomas Huxley, will join the team at Pixar Planet and will collaborate with Brandon Neeld. Both Pixar Planet and Upcoming Pixar will be found at the one website now,

"The merger is an exciting new prospect for both websites." said Huxley. "Now we can share our resources to provide the best Pixar related news and fan resources to millions of Pixar fans around the globe."

Upcoming Pixar is now located at and . Along with the merger, Upcoming Pixar has switched from Google’s Blogger ( platform and onto the highly customisable, TextPattern ( Upcoming Pixar has also been redesigned by the very talented, Melissa Magee from Pixar Planet. Articles on Upcoming Pixar can now easily be submitted to any of the following social-networking websites, Digg (, Reddit (, StumbleUpon (, Facebook (, ( and NewsVine ( The articles also offer a tight intergration with the popular Pixar Planet forums (

Along with the merger, two new writers have joined Thomas Huxley (Writer’s alias: bawpcwpn) Upcoming Pixar team, Brandon Neeld (Writer’s Alias: Dash) and Carrie Pilcher (Writer’s Alias: PixarVixen).

The prospect of the merger eventuated in October of 2007, and both Huxley and Neeld settled on terms of the merger, and they set to work immediately with the help of the rest of the staff at Pixar Planet in putting the merger into action. The website was completed on December 24, 2007 with testing to take place up until the launch at 01:13AM January 01 , 2008 EST.

About Pixar Planet:

Pixar Planet (FISE: UPXR) was formed by four good friends all with the love of The Incredibles in common, in 2006 after another Incredibles’ forum was closed down. The website officially, opened on the morning of the July 22, 2006 at 1:13AM GMT. The website has grown considerably since then and now includes Radio Pixar, the first Pixar podcast on the web. Pixar Planet has become the biggest site dedicated to Pixar fandom on the internet, and strives to grow even bigger still.

About Upcoming Pixar:

Upcoming Pixar (FISE: UPXR) came into existence in November of 2004. It started off as a hobby for creator Thomas Huxley, but by mid 2005 it had grown into a respectable news blog detailing all the latest stories about Pixar Animation Studios.

Upcoming Pixar has grown in readership ever since. In October of 2007, Upcoming Pixar decided to form a partnership with the new and very popular Pixar website, Pixar Planet. In December of 2007 all the details were finalised and Pixar Planet and Upcoming Pixar decided to officially announce their partnership. This new partnership has opened many doors for both websites and Pixar Planet is now truly the one stop website for everything Pixar related!

For Additional Information:

Pixar Planet
Kyrie Eleison –

Pixar Planet
Thomas Huxley –

NB: Press Release Modeled on January 24, 2006 “Disney to Aquire Pixar” Press Release.


0 Responses to Pixar Planet, Upcoming Pixar Form Partnership

  1. Well, I didn’t see this one coming.

    Congratulations to both Pixar Planet and Upcoming Pixar: my two favourite sites merged as one! Pixar fandom knows no bounds. =)

    To infinity and beyond!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic, so Congratulations to everyone, this was a great idea!!! To My favourite blog
    Happy 2008

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is excellent!
    although u have abandoned good old blogger 🙁 😛

    well done folks 🙂

  4. Archibald says:

    This is great ! To see the two best Pixar related sites form a partnership is just great !

    A perfect start for year 2008 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    wish you all the best on your joint endeavor!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Good luck to the new upcoming pixar!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I definitely didn’t see this one coming!
    Congratulations to everyone who put this together. Great job on all sides. This is gonna be a smashingly great year!

    – Euphreana

  8. wow, I sure didn’t expect this when I came to visit upcoming pixar’s blog! When the page loaded, I thought I had accidentally went to the wrong pixar fan page!

    haha, this is awesome!
    I’ll miss the blogger, but this is great 🙂
    Congratulations on the merger!
    Happy New Year, and best wishes!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Have been dropping by both sites on a fairly regular basis, and think this merger is an absolutely brilliant idea. Congratulations to all involved. Looking forward to visiting often during the upcoming year.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Uh oh, you guys are becoming a conglomerate, just kidding.

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