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Rat Ties with Persepolis For LAFCA Award

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association have announced their annual film awards and Ratatouille has tied with Persepolis for the Animation award. There has been some doubt as to how well the 2D animated feature would hold up against Ratatouille come awards time and the LAFCA appear to be telling us that Ratatouille will have serious competition come Annie/Oscar time next year. What are you thoughts? Will Ratatouille prevail?

You can view the entire list of winners here.

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  1. V.M.L. says:

    I haven’t seen PERSEPOLIS yet. I’m going to read the graphic novel when I can.

  2. Brian says:

    I saw this movie tonight.
    I was amazing!
    Ratatouille definitely has some competition.

  3. Tarik El-Khateeb says:

    I was fortunate to watch Persepolis at its premiere at the Cannes Festival this year, and I can honestly say it was amazing. Funny, thought provoking and very affective in its simplicity.

    It is a very strong competition to Ratatouille for the Oscar (more than the Annie) as they love political drama (crash, babel, syriana…etc).

    Technology/Animation-wise, there’s nothing ground breaking at all in Persepolis, on the contrary, it uses very basic animation with a limited color pallet to (very effectively) tell the stroy. I presume the Annie’s would prefer Ratatouille for it’s over-all excellence (which I think the Oscars should consider as well).

    Being the Disney/Pixar fan that I am I want Ratatouille to win, but I guarantee that it’s a very close 50-50 chance!

  4. Ernie says:

    Persepolis won best animated feature from the NY critics circle.

    Makes me wonder if maybe Pixar released the movie in December; or if they made it a small indie film and talked about politics and showed a few mature scenes, if it would have a better chance. As is, it looks like Persepolis is now the front runner. Because we know how often the academy picks G rated films over PG-13 political dramas.

    Good article here on whether film critics really know anything:,8599,1693300,00.html

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