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Ratatouille Box Office (20/07/2007)

Here goes…

Domestic: $151,650,816 83.7%
+ Foreign: $29,606,000 16.3%

= Worldwide: $181,256,816
[via Box Office Mojo]

0 Responses to Ratatouille Box Office (20/07/2007)

  1. Dave says:

    Of course this is a success by any standards… except Pixar standards. Currently it’s the worst performing Pixar film to date. If you’re right about $200M domestic, it will barely rank #6 out of the 8 Pixar films. My guess is that it won’t even do that well.

    NOTE: I think it’s the best Pixar film, and seriously the best film of any genre I’ve seen in a long time. It would be hard for me to love a film more than I love Ratatouille.

    So: will this be considered a success or a failure? I’m concerned that Pixar may think, “Since this is our worst performing film, we must have done something wrong.” Or, even worse, that someone up the ladder at Disney might have that thought. Right now Pixar has such sublime artistic autonomy, and I don’t want them to lose it!

    Sorry for the bummer post. : (

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you’re way too pessimistic. If you look closely at the numbers, you can see that Ratatouille had some impressive increases the past two days. Which means that some legs are finally kicking in. If it now can keep up with Cars, which shouldn’t be too difficult, I can see Ratatouille grossing about $225M domestically. Still at the low end of the Pixar spectrum, but hardly a disappointment, especially if you consider how much competition it had.

    Overseas, Ratatouille is really doing exceptionally well. For example, in Russia it has already grossed $9M, which is more than twice what Cars and Finding Nemo did in their entire run. In Mexico, it has also grossed $9M already, in a mere 10 days. This means it’ll easily make more than Cars’ $13M and make about as much as Finding Nemo’s $18M.
    It’s too early to say that Ratatouille is going to gross as much as Finding Nemo overseas, as it has yet to open in most countries, but I think its overseas gross will be somewhere between $400M and $500M, putting its worldwide gross at around $650M – $700M, which would make it the second largest worldwide hit for Pixar, only behind Finding Nemo.

    Now that’s quite another story 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    Dave, never doubt Pixar. They walk, talk and think just like us. They will always put story first. Just because box office sums are low, does not mean it is a bad movie. Trust me, Pixar knows that. The Box Office is the worst way to determine whether a film is good. From their past experiences (A Bug’s Life vs Ants), they know story will always conquer the audience’s attention.

  4. Herman Saksono says:

    Notice that Ratatouille made almost as much as Transformers on Tuesday (Rat: 3.5M; Transformers: 4.5M). Transformers do beat Rat’s opening weekend, but I see better legs on this ratty feature.

  5. Dave says:

    Thanks, you’ve all cheered me up!

    I hadn’t looked closely enough at the international numbers, so your comparison there was especially uplifting.

    And now I will do my part, by driving down to the El Capitan and seeing Ratatouille for the 4th time : )

  6. Anonymous says:

    Another factor I’m afraid Ratatouille wouldn’t do too well on the global market is that some retards managed to pirate the movie before it’s Premiere in US even. And that in my country we would have to wait until the 15th of August to watch it, while the pirated DVD and VCDs are already out in the black market.

    It upsets me a lot to find that news however because I truly love what Pixar does. I’m going to watch Ratatouille on the theaters and urge my friends and family not to buy the pirated version.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It will be very difficult that “Ratatouille” reach $200M (but I hope the opposite).

    The only thing is that… Here in Italy I must wait October to see the movie! :’-(

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just saw ratatouille for the second time here in Israel and I got to say it just got better! I love it even more now and In my opinion it’s the best pixar movie to date and the most enjoyable movie I saw this year.It should get the oscar for best movie!

  9. Jorge says:

    I think that the movie industry is finally starting to feel the heat of the DVD/HomeTheather market. It’s not piracy, it’s not that there are bad movies. In my opinion it is that more people are starting to say to themselves “I’ll wait for the DVD and I’ll watch it on my great HDTV screen with my suppaduppa home theater system in the comfort of my home”. By any standards Ratatouille it’s a great movie, yet it has made $160 million in 4 weeks and will have a hard time reaching $200 mm domestic total. Transformers it’s a big blockbuster sci-fi great movie, yet I don’t see it easily reaching the $350 million mark that other big sci-fi blockbusters have made in the last few years. The market is changing and it seems that the movie industry is not reacting quickly enough.

  10. prosenjit ganguly says:

    This piracy thing is just so scary! I have been living the trailers of this masterpiece ever since they put it up. And I don’t mind doing it for “n” more months. But I am NOT going to watch a pirated version of it. I just wonder why the film did not get a wider release. Why are some countries not even up on the release list? I

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