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Ratatouille: Cooking Up CG Food exclusively has the latest Ratatouille podcast. In the latest podcast, Cooking Up CG Food, they look at how the creative team at Pixar concoted all the glorious and delicious CG food for the film.

It is available in various sizes in Quicktime, Windows Media Player and Flash formats for viewing. Have a watch. It’s a real treat.

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  1. Mitch says:

    Very nice. I’m lovin’ this film more and more with each passing second!

    Thanks for the information, luxo jr.!

  2. Narcis says:

    Thanks Luxo Jr. for the link. This Web page is one stop for all Pixar news.

    So Ratatouille has wet fur animation, realistic food (have you seen those slices of CG food sinking into each other? Yummy 🙂 and a solid story. It’s going to be amazing, surpassing anything else in CG films.

    Box office predictions: I’m wondering though, with the gourmet food theme and the Paris location how much it will appeal to the American children – hopefully it will be word of mouth that the movie is good and the adults will come to the theaters, dragging along their kids..

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