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Ratatouille DVD Menus Preview

A thread over at displays delightful screenshots of the menus of the Ratatouille DVD to be released in about 2 weeks.

The provided screenshots give us previews of the bonus features, but the lack of any film commentary is a disappointment.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I love that menu. But it still doesn’t distract from the fact that there just isn’t much to enjoy on the DVD…

    How can we go from two commentary tracks with The Incredibles, to none with Ratatouille?

    I hate you Disney! 🙁

  2. TomHagen says:

    Cover Art is lame and busy. On the contrary menu design is fantastic with its end credits like graphic quality 🙂 You’re right Rachel – lack of commentary tracks is a real letdown 🙁

  3. PixarAficionado says:

    Lovin’ the style of the menu, but I have to agree with rachael and tomhagen. I was reallllly disappointed when I found out there was no commentary for Cars – I really wanted to hear more from Lasseter! 🙁

    Well, Lasseter recently got the Disney Studio to fire the person behind all the crappy sequels, hopefully the Catmull-Jobs-Lasseter team can do something about all these one-disc wonders and commentary-less DVDs…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Three deleted scenes, two short films, and a 14-minute featurette. That’s all this fantastic movie gets? The featurette doesn’t look like it will even be about the movie. The entire thing is about creating the food for the movie!

    There isn’t even a Sneak Peek menu! The only way we can watch the Wall-E teaser on DVD is by skipping through it on the start-up previews! No movie that is this good and makes over $200 million in the box office deserves such a skimp on DVD! Meet the Robinsons got a much better release than Ratatouille is getting!

    And as far as commentary tracks go, if Ratatouille’s Blu-Ray release is anything like Cars’, then the Blu-Ray should be getting two commentaries! Couldn’t they at least put one on the DVD? Did they have to hold back EVERYTHING for that small fraction of people who can afford completely upgrading their home theater system to play Blu-Ray?

    Those menus are fantastic, but this is still a horrible, horrible DVD release. However, I will still be picking this up the first day it is released because Ratatouille is hands down the greatest film of 2007!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got the Blu-Ray from Blockbuster and it’s actually got quite a bit of stuff on it. In addition to the shorts and the featurette that the DVD has, it also includes a “branching commentary.” It’s a commentary that cuts out at the relevant times to deleted scenes (with intros and discussions), animation meetings, about 10 or so documentary shorts (don’t remember the exact number) and some really funny “Deleted Scene R.I.P.” scenes.

    The Easter Eggs don’t appear to be there though.

    So, if you have a Blu-Ray player or a PS3, I’d recommend the Blu-Ray version of this disk easily. I still only have a standard TV (for now) so it doesn’t look any different for me, but the extras alone are worth the extra price (and the fact that I’ll have an HDTV someday when they’re cheaper).

  6. Anonymous says:

    and of course as soon as I post that, I find out how to get the easter eggs on the Blu-Ray DVD… for those of you who want to know

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