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Ratatouille Impresses The Brits

As has been reported before, Ratatouille is performing spectacularly at the box office and with critics overseas, and Britain is no exception. Ratatouille opened on the 12th of Oct in the UK, and by the 14th it had already collected $9,048,013.

Variety is reporting that Anthony Marcoly, president of Walt Disney Motion Picture Group Intl. has reason to believe that our favourite Rats will gross more than $125 million in the foreign box office in it’s post-summer releases. On the subject of releasing the film at much later release dates, he says, "It feels counterintuitive at first glance, particularly with the risk of piracy, if you wait as long as we did."

Pixar pic’s on target to hit the $300 million international mark as early as the Oct. 19-21 weekend, thanks to strong holdovers, plus openings in China, Italy, Poland and Sweden.

says Variety, which would put the film at over $500 million worldwide, only leaving The Incredibles and Finding Nemo with foreign box office grosses surpassing it. Also sitting at $500 million worldwide would sit the film at the 4th highest grossing Pixar film worldwide, only $25 million behind Monster’s Inc. It’s already beating the worldwide box office total of Cars.

Ratatouille is definitely a blockbuster in my books and I am sure all the investors at Disney are very happy with its performance around the sequel filled box office this year.

(Source: Box Office Mojo, 2007)

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  1. TomHagen says:

    Yep! That’s right 🙂 International numbers are quite impressive. Here in Poland it premiered yesterday and is earning very good reviews so I hope it will do well boxoffice wise despite next to non-existent advertising/promotion campaign (no TV commercials, no billboards, no street posters, nothing – first time since ToyStory2 if I remember correctly…). I’ve seen this beautiful film twice in Paris, and recently once more at early screening a week ago (polish dubbed version) and can’t wait to see it again 😉 My only gripe is that there are no original language version screenings which I prefer (Peter O’Tool is irreplaceable 😉 )

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is simply Pixar’s best movie ever, one that will slowly come to recognized as one of the greatest animation films ever, too.

  3. TomHagen says:

    correction: friend of mine reported to me that there actually is ONE billboard somewere in the city and that someone saw some TV comercials 😉

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