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I recently recieved an email today from a reader. Here’s an excerpt from their email.

One of the added features I found on the Ratatouille site was a little application you can download that gives you access to (supposedly) a different recipe every day. I’ve had it for about a week — each day, I click on it, and it pops up with a little window; I have to scroll to read the whole recipe. There’s also a button to download that day’s recipe — and here’s where I’ve discovered a problem: the recipe that downloads doesn’t always match the one in the window! I’ve viewed seven or eight recipes, but I’ve only been able to download four or five, because I keep getting duplicates! (For example, today’s recipe was "Django’s Dirt Cake," but the recipe that downloaded was yesterday’s recipe, "Croque Monsieur.")

Now you see, this reader wants to know if anyone is willing to trade recipes so this person is able to complete their collection. If you have some recipes you have downloaded and are willing to trade recipes, leave a comment below or send me an email and I’m sure I can help you and the reader set up your trade.

You can find out more about the recipes at the official site.

Last modified: July 19, 2007