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Ratatouille Roundup (29/06/07)

Time for another quick Ratatouille Roundup….

Cartoon Brew’s
, Amid, was talking to his good friend Victor Haboush, which Victor says about Ratatouille, “It’s the best animated film since Pinocchio.” Amid, clarifies why what Victor says must be true.

The Animation Guild Blog takes a look at the WSJ on Ratatouille. “The sneaks may have helped. Firms that track potential moviegoers reported a jump in awareness and interest in the movie.” says the WSJ. Jim Hill’s Disney Exec corrospondant could be wrong. I hope so.

And finally, the LaughingPlace is reporting that if you take your opening week ticket stub for Ratatouille to a Disney store, you will get a free Ratatouille pin while stocks last.

And that my friends is the latest on Ratatouille. Enjoy the movie!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t waste your time worrying what Jim Hill says about anything. He’s just bitter with an ax to grind.

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