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Ray Gun

Ray Gun is a planned animated feature for 2007. Though early reports suggested this would be a Pixar film, reports indicate that this will be a 2D film. Pixar has no interest in doing 2D animated films, understandably since they made their fortune in 3D animated films, such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

Warner Brothers currently owns the rights to the film. Brad Bird, director of Pixar’s blockbuster The Incredibles is cast to direct the movie, though this information is subject to change.”

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  1. TheDVDBabe says:

    Why would Pixar have no interest in a 2d movie?

    A good movie is a good movie, filmed, drawn, rendered. Pixar would be well suited to branch out. Disney wouldn’t be what it was today if Walt had stuck with Mickey Mouse.

    Besides, if you have a chance to do a Brad Bird movie, even if he wants to make it with sticks and stones, you’ve got to take it.

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