Snazzy: Angus MacLane's Lego Carl Fredricksen

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Pixar animator and LEGO fanatic Angus MacLane is known to make versions of the animation studio’s characters out of the famous toy blocks.

His latest Pixar creation is Carl Fredricksen, the star of Pixar’s 10th feature which is coming to theatres tomorrow. This representation of the curmodgeonly hero not only looks like Carl, but also captures his trademark grumpy emotion. Angus MacLane attributes Lego’s to helping him learn how to animate three-dimensional CGI characters. His previous works include BURN•E, from his directorial debut, WALL•E and Luxo Jr. among others.

You can check out his Flickr photostream for more pictures of his toy block creations.

(Thanks, Devank)

Last modified: May 28, 2009