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Still Hope for 2-Disc Ratatouille Yet?

Animated News & Views Forum is quick to point out that is listing a 2-disc Collector’s Edition DVD of Ratatouille due for release February 2008.

Ben at the same forum adds "maybe we’re gearing up to get back to the goold old days, when the single disc would come out pre-Christmas and we’d get a deluxe 2-disc set around February."

However although this might indicate a 2-Disc Ratatouille DVD next year, France did get a special 2-Disc Collector’s Edition of Cars which the rest of the world never received.

What do you think? Will the rest of the world get a 2-disc Collector’s Edition Ratatouille DVD next year?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nah, very unlikely I think.
    It’s probably going to be just a half-hassed DVd with the previously available podcasts as added featurettes…isn’t that what happened with the other Cars DVD?

  2. Susie Bones says:

    what!! I didn’t know that France got a special 2-disk collectors edition of Cars! oh my gosh, that’s so sad.. :((

    and when you say:
    “Will the rest of the world get a 2-disc Collector’s Edition Ratatouille DVD next year?”

    do you mean the rest of the world besides the US?

    Oh man..
    do you think they’re ever going to come out w/ a 2 disk special edition of Cars? I don’t believe that they’d never release a 2-disk or these movies!! There’s so much more information you get by getting the 2-disk. I’d be so disappointed if they don’t. man.

    I’m so hoping for that ratatouille 2-disk!!

    thanks for the news!

  3. Anonymous says:

    A 2-disc version of Ratatouille would be great, although should I buy the one disc or believe the rumor and wait till February? plus, that had better mean that Cars will be coming out on 2 disc. That wouldnt be fair to single out one movie…

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