Forecast Looks Good for Partly Cloudy + Video Preview!

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Peter Sohn took some time to talk to Animation World Network about his upcoming short film, Partly Cloudy, which has been confirmed to be presented in 3D!

When asked the age old question, "Where do babies come from?", Peter Sohn says, from clouds of course! To recap, this is the story of Gus, a cloud that makes dangerous babies, and his stork Peck, who both get into some sort of a misunderstanding. 

Topics discussed in the interview include the much talked about influences such as classic Disney (Dumbo, Peter Pan) and Sohn’s youth living in a Korean speaking family in America. Also, new tidbits were revealed such as the fact that Gus is actually an invisible model with a 200,000 particle suit that simulates clouds through lighting tricks! After reading the elaborate chat, you’ll find out what the story and technical challenges were on this short, including the feedback given by John Lasseter and the rest of the Pixar Brain Trust! Director Peter Sohn, even talks about his work at Pixar including how he was involved with Russell. Best of all, there’s a 30 second video preview of Partly Cloudy on the site, starting with some storks delivering rather cute babies…

The piece is very detailed (with lots of illustrations and stills) and worth a thorough read. Minor story details are discussed throughout the interview so read with caution if you don’t want to be spoiled. You can find it over here.

Reactions to the first screening of Partly Cloudy were great, it looks to be one of Pixar’s best shorts, and that’s saying a lot!  How do you feel after seeing the interview, videos and pictures?

Last modified: April 24, 2009