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The Lasseter Family Winery

The Lasseter Family Winery is now open for business!

John Lasseter’s love of wine (animation isn’t his only game, you know) brought him to buy a Sonoma Valley winery in 2002. Three wines are available now, Rhone Style Red Blend, St. Emilion Red Blend and Syrah Rose. And look who dropped in for the logo, John’s old friend Wally B. from the 1984 pre-Pixar short The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.! Learn more about what inspired Pixar’s Cheif Creative Officer to make his own wine and purchase a vineyard, here.

If you are within the shipping states (and of legal age) take a chance and purchase one of the Lasseter Family Winery signature wines.

(via The Pixar Touch Blog)

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0 Responses to The Lasseter Family Winery

  1. bawpcwpn says:

    Pity they don’t ship internationally otherwise I would buy some.

  2. Mitch says:

    Thanks for the information! I browsed their website yesterday. I love their logo, and the wine sounds delicious.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wally B.! It’s nice that John keeps pixar everywhere in his life.

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