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The Man Who Could Save Animation

Entertainment Weekly via Animated News has a great article on “the creative engine behind the Pixar hit machine”, John Lasseter.

The article discusses the mega-creative genius’ past, present and future, and also his love of cars, story and quality.

For Incredibles director Brad Bird, now overseeing Ratatouille, a big upside to a deeper Disney-Pixar marriage is the stronger connection he expects Lasseter to forge between Disney animation and the Disney parks — something Walt Disney pioneered. ‘‘The press likes to say that Pixar is about to ‘change the Disney paradigm,’‘’ says Bird. ‘‘But to me, what we’re doing is going back to the real Disney paradigm. The original Disneyland was designed by people who worked on Walt’s animated features. They got working on the rides and brought storytelling into attractions. That’s what separated Disney’s park from everyone else’s.’‘ Every time Lasseter visited the Imagineering crew over the years, Bird got the sense he’d found a home base. ‘‘He’d bounce from room to room like an excited child. And he’d make them excited about what they were doing, too. John loves this stuff down to the marrow of his bones.’‘

Be sure to have a read. Its really interesting.

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  1. Teben says:

    Brad Bird is the man. So is Lassiter. I totally agree about going BACK to what Disney was really all about.

  2. Phoenician says:

    Oh booyah! Go Lasseter & Bird! You know, I really wondered if I’d ever see the day when Disney’s dark days were every going to end. With PIXAR in command, things are looking great!

    Again, great stuff, Luxo Jr., and might I add that Cars Clock is really addicting to watch!

  3. bawpcwpn says:

    Yes it is addictive to watch. Only 31 days to go!

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