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The World of Cars Online Beta

As previously announced, Cars will move into the online world starting in the Spring of 2009. Players in The World of Cars Online will interact with other car avatars and characters from the hit film. Beta testing will start later in October, for now the site is under construction. Remember, all of these new Cars experiences including Cars Land, and Cars Toons are all leading up to Cars 2. More details should be available soon.

Update: The World Of Cars Online preview, dubbed Test Track, is now online. In this preview you can create your own car avatar and race, to give you a taste of the full game coming next year.

The site also includes a trailer for the game and a synopsis that covers basic features like, creating your avatar (in car form) and customizing it. In the game, you race and climb up the ranks to stardom like Lightning McQueen and even build your own racing team. You can also interact with characters from the movie or take on other jobs such as the Sherrif or a Fire Truck. You can also buid your own race track and garage as well as explore the open road.

You’ll have to wait ‘til 2009 to play the full MMORPG, but you can preview ‘Test Track’ now at!

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  1. Maybe this is reason why the BNL site isn’t up anymore… they needed the bandwidth for this! =[

  2. M-O says:

    Sounds really cool!I loved the Pirates of The Carribean one they made.

  3. Al-Bob says:

    might join…watch out if i do…;)

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