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Tim Allen on Toy Story 3

Latino Review has got an exclusive 1-1 video interview with Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen about The Shaggy Dog, Galaxy Quest and most importantly, I think, Toy Story 3.

When asked if he would be involved in Toy Story 3, he says….

“Oh you bet. I’ve been looking forward to this, been part of the new..I’ve been part of that deal to get them back on the table, and to pass that relationship up, I think Pixar and Disney are made for each other. Pixar’s got certain qualities that Disney doesn’t have and Disney’s got this wonderful ability to put stuff together and as long as they stay close to what Walts dream was and Walts pulse, it’s a different entity than you could possibly imagine, they really truly want the best for all of our entertainment dollar. They really want things to be this pipe of genuine comedy and genuine emotion, its really rare in a company. “

So that’s the word on Toy Story 3 from Tim Allen.

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