Toy Story 3 Trailer Officially Premieres Online

Lee Unkrich News Toy Story 3 Trailer

You may have seen it in theatres or from the leaked copy, but now I’m glad to present the full Toy Story 3 trailer in glorious HD — on the date it was intended to be seen online.

Before I finish writing and leave you to watch this a million and a half times, I just want to make a few notes. First off, this trailer is just gorgeous! Great job Lee Unkrich and team! The humans and toys retain the classic Toy Story look but at the same time, look so modern. Andy is especially stunning in the way he grows up and matures. Of course, the humor is top notch and consistent. For more of my thoughts, check out the review I did last month. Watch below:

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, let’s go on a treasure hunt! You may want to pause the player right after Rex exclaims "New Toys" to marvel at some of the new cast. After Buzz hits himself and needs to be reset, his batteries are put back in, they’re manufactured by a familiar company… "That’s why everyone loves BnL!" Check out the sports banner in Andy’s room that says PU, instead of being a pun on stinky odors, it’s a reference to Pixar University, very cool! Also on a random note, don’t forget to check out the new Slinky one sheet in our updated post.

In the comments, give us your thoughts on the trailer, whether this is your first time watching it or your 50th. Also, let us know what other Pixar references you found floating around this preview. Lastly, thanks for your patience.

Toy Story 3, directed by Lee Unkrich, starts playing in theatres starting June 18th, 2010. Disney Digital 3D in select show times. You can see this trailer on the big screen in 3D with the Toy Story Double Feature for only 4 more days!

(Trailer Courtesy of Disney/Pixar and Trailer Addict)

Last modified: October 12, 2009