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Toy Story 3 Trailer Officially Premieres Online

You may have seen it in theatres or from the leaked copy, but now I’m glad to present the full Toy Story 3 trailer in glorious HD — on the date it was intended to be seen online.

Before I finish writing and leave you to watch this a million and a half times, I just want to make a few notes. First off, this trailer is just gorgeous! Great job Lee Unkrich and team! The humans and toys retain the classic Toy Story look but at the same time, look so modern. Andy is especially stunning in the way he grows up and matures. Of course, the humor is top notch and consistent. For more of my thoughts, check out the review I did last month. Watch below:

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, let’s go on a treasure hunt! You may want to pause the player right after Rex exclaims "New Toys" to marvel at some of the new cast. After Buzz hits himself and needs to be reset, his batteries are put back in, they’re manufactured by a familiar company… "That’s why everyone loves BnL!" Check out the sports banner in Andy’s room that says PU, instead of being a pun on stinky odors, it’s a reference to Pixar University, very cool! Also on a random note, don’t forget to check out the new Slinky one sheet in our updated post.

In the comments, give us your thoughts on the trailer, whether this is your first time watching it or your 50th. Also, let us know what other Pixar references you found floating around this preview. Lastly, thanks for your patience.

Toy Story 3, directed by Lee Unkrich, starts playing in theatres starting June 18th, 2010. Disney Digital 3D in select show times. You can see this trailer on the big screen in 3D with the Toy Story Double Feature for only 4 more days!

(Trailer Courtesy of Disney/Pixar and Trailer Addict)

0 Responses to Toy Story 3 Trailer Officially Premieres Online

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is definitely looking like it’s going to be another beautiful film. I think I might end up crying my heart out from the laughter and emotion. The Toy Story movies mean so much to me and I really hope that Pixar won’t let us down (even though deep down I know they won’t).

    I am a little worried because it being another sequel, will they do the story justice? Also I’m worried as to where some of the other beloved characters are such as Lenny, Wheezy and Bo Peep. Even though they were minor roles, Toy Story fans still love them and when I try to look information up I see alot of people asking where Bo Peep and the other characters are. All and all I hope some gaps are filled here and that this movie will no doubt be the conclusion to the this great franchise.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Around 0:53 you see Andy’s bulletin board with his soccer and baseball awards. His last name is Davis, which I don’t think came up in either of the first two Toy Story’s. He has concert tickets, art awards, skating posters, and letters tacked on. His handwriting is horrible, making it difficult to see anything. Pretty sure that postcard tacked on the board is for a “95978” zip code (Sterling City), but the city written down looks more like a “Burlington.” Still, really excited for the day-care scenes and Spanish Buzz Lightyear!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the first anonymous about Bo Peep and the others. Where are they?

    As for the trailer. Aww man I actually cried. I felt so happy yet depressed. I love how the movie is coming together so far it looks great! I am just depressed that we won’t see the toys with Andy anymore. So many questions, so little answers lol.

    On the toy story sub forum some of the users are talking about the easter eggs already, one of them found the tickets that might belong to Carl and Ellie from UP, the BnL batteries of course, another user found Andy’s real name on the bulletin board. And those are only a handful of easter eggs.

    I think my favorite part in the trailer had to be Buzz. Even though it only showed us very little, it’s easy to tell that even in his Spanish alter ego, he has a thing for Jessie. I love the idea of those two being together and since it was hinted at the end of Toy Story 2 I wonder how their relationship has and will progress. By the looks of it, it’ll be very funny and cute. I love how Buzz also seemed to be showing off around Jessie towards the end of the trailer. It looks like he doesn’t seem to be so nervous around her when he’s in Spanish mode and seems like Jessie likes it. 😉

  4. uruseiranma says:

    There’s two CARS references in Andy’s room when Wood surveys it. A poster over Andy’s bed features a vehicle similar to Boost from CARS, and a calendar by his desk has what appears to be Snot Rod on it.

    There also appears to be a P.U. banner on Andy’s wall…looks like he maybe went to Pixar University?

    Is it just me, or was anyone else horrified with how the kids handled the toys? Such as Bullseye getting thrown around by that ball-popper thingy.

    As well, it appears that Mrs Potato Head has lost an eye…will she find a new one?

    And this just hit me…will we have some acknowledgement about Andy’s dog, Buster?

    I took a screen capture, and plan to have Andy holding Woody and Buzz as my new workplace wallpaper.

  5. Anonymous says:

    uruseiranma, great catches!

    I’ve seen the trailer three times already, twice when John, Lee, and Darla showed it at the D23 Expo, and then again with the double feature. Everytime I watch it I love all of the things that I can catch. Best part of having it online is that I can pause it and marvel at the artistic quality of these images. Plus I can share it with my friends and get them excited, too.

    Oh yeah, as seen at the D23 Expo, (minor spoiler) Toy Story 3 does acknowledge Buster, even though it’s not in the trailer. (end minor spoiler)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m against tinkering with old movies (as in star wars new editions) but having seen in the trailer how good the new “young Andy” looks I would love it if they fixed the previous TS when it comes to Andy and the young kids.
    I mean those are the two areas that remind you CG animation was in its infancy and seeing them today IMHO they look like crap.

  7. i wanted to see the trailer when i saw the double feature, but stupid amc screwed me over (not the first time) when they didn’t show it. i was gonna go see it again at a different theatre so i could see the trailer on the big screen, but when they announced that the official version would be online TODAY (aka my birthday) i knew i couldn’t wait. it was the perfect 16th birthday present. but i’m definitely seeing the double feature again 😉

    anyway, the actual trailer. i’ve watched it 5 or 6 times now and it is so good. the animation is amazing. young andy looks different from the original young andy, which is kinda weird but oh well. also, i was kind of shocked not to find bo peep, lenny, rc, wheezy, etc. in the trailer. considering wheezy’s condition in ts2, maybe he got thrown out along the way. maybe rc broke or something. lenny… i didnt really care about him lol. but BO PEEP. she shoulda been there, but considering she was on baby molly’s lamp maybe she’s in molly’s storage or maybe molly still has her. still, hopefully there’ll be some sort of explanation for her absence, considering she was woody’s love interest. now that i think about it, though, it makes sense that there’s only a handful of toys left, after all nobody keeps every single thing. he probably only kept his favourites. all in all, OMG.

  8. Anonymous says:

    can I say “pixar’s best trailer”?
    I think it ranks right next to WALL-E’s teaser

  9. Fillmore says:

    I’ve seen the trailer about half a dozen times now and it really does push all the right buttons. There looks to be lots of great jokes/comic moments (particularly got a charge out of El Buzz) and of course the whole Andy growing up theme is so powerful. Yes, there were a few tears forming as I watched the initial sequences (how many of us remember “When She Loved Me” and get some echoes of that here?). All I know is that when it finally hits downunder (and there better not be the time drag as there was for “Up”) I’ll be there front and centre waiting for TS3’s Aussie premiere.

    BTW How cool is it to have Andy as your real first name, as well as a talking Buzz lol!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    This film looks fantastic, I love how they’ve kept the style of the first two films, particularly Toy Story 2, but enhanced it. The montage of Andy’s childhood at the beginning was really moving and emotional, and made me nostalgic for my childhood growing up with the Toy Story films. Also, i thought it was very clever that they used ‘Goodbye Mr A ‘ by The Hoosiers in the trailer as the story is about them being seperated from Andy. I can’t wait!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. I just cant stop replaying this trailer. I agree with another user. It is probably the best trailer pixar has made yet. I downloaded it and put it on my ipod so i can watch it wherever i am. I love the way Andy’s room is just a typical teenagers room. He has clothes on the floor, race car posters on the wall, its just GR8! however i didnt like to find that Hamm skin kind of peeled off over the years. Correct me if i’m wrong, but when Andy leave his room, i think i saw Bo peep in the opposite room. I love the lighting and colours used in this movie. I have a felling it will be one of the best animated movies of all time. I am so looking forward to June 18th. Just two days after my birthday!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Way too cool!!! I have to see that!!

  13. pixar mania says:

    I am so exited for this. But let me tell you pixar does thier sequels for a reason.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone notice that Andy still has his buzz lightyear poster on the wall, covered up by some of his teenage posters? since this is gonna be in 2010 i’m really glad that Andy is Grown up, cause we haven’t seen toy story in 10 years, so i think it’s a great way to continue with the story. i love the classical toy story style. i think i’m about the Same age as Andy (maybe older) and i Have this one stuffed Animal Named Lucky(i got her when i was Five, and she’s protected me ever since) i would never want to lose her.i think that Andy will come to terms and take the toys home with him. Because really, who wants to get rid of their Childhood?

  15. Anonymous says:

    This looks to be a beautiful, humorous and emotionally stunning film. As I have already stated on The Pixar Blog, the transition from sentimental to more comical in the trailer was perfectly handled. My problem with Up’s trailers was that it just sold the movie as being funny, when in reality it packed an enormous emotional punch. And the transition in this trailer was done in a very Toy Story-esque manner. Andy is growing up just like how I’ve grown up on the Toy Story films. I shed a tear.

    Though, yes, it would be nice to see Lenny and Bo Peep… though I suppose Lenny won’t be getting any speaking roles again.


  16. Anonymous says:

    The postcard from Carl and Ellie is a nice touch:

  17. I think I noticed a goof! At 0:41, Andy’s guitar and amp are to the right of the TV. At 0:57, they are to the left. But then again, this is just a trailer,so maybe in the movie, it gets moved between those two clips.

    This is such a wonderful trailer! I love how Andy has grown! In fact, he looks kinda cute . . . XD I can’t wait to see the movie! 😉

  18. Anonymous says:

    I love some of the new toy designs. The fly/mantis superhero stands out as does the purple Dinosaur which looks a bit like the sketch everyone was talking about months ago.

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