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Toy Story 3 Weekday Box Office Report! (06/28/10-07/01/10) [UPDATE X3]

Please excuse the unusually high frequency of box-office posts lately.

It’s just that Toy Story 3 has been breaking records left and right since its June 18th release. I mean, have you seen how quickly Lee Unkrich’s masterpiece made it past some of Pixar’s greatest at the domestic box office?

The question is: How much progress will we see this week? Keep checking back for daily updates on Toy Story 3!

Monday: $8,921,924
Tuesday: $8,217,939
Wednesday: $7,315,449
Thursday: $7,481,506

Today’s Cumulative Domestic Gross: $258,826,169

Notes & Predictions: It’s not clear how this Wednesday’s release of Eclipse will affect Toy Story 3, but we should expect some kind of drop around that date. We can also be sure that Pixar’s 11th will surpass the domestic total of Cars (244M), Toy Story 2 ($245M) and Monsters, Inc. ($255) very soon.

International: Toy Story 3 opened in seven new territories (including Australia) over the weekend adding $36.1M to its foreign total, now $100M. Worldwide estimates currently put Pixar’s 11th well beyond $300 million!

Critic’s Corner: With 200 reviews counted, Toy Story 3’s Tomatometer has shot back up to 99% Fresh. Over at Metacritic, Pixar’s 11th continues to stand at a Metascore of 91, signaling ‘universal acclaim.’

Your predictions?

(Numbers via Box Office Mojo)

0 Responses to Toy Story 3 Weekday Box Office Report! (06/28/10-07/01/10) [UPDATE X3]

  1. uruseiranma says:

    I’m hoping for a 3rd place finish this weekend ‘I’m figuring the top 3 in order will be Eclipse, Airbender, and TS3). Though if early word is what I think it is…Airbender and TS3 could switch places.

    I’m estimating maybe a $30-35 million take on the ‘safe side.’

  2. uruseiranma says:

    Ok, as of today (7/1/10), I feel Nemo’s gross is toast.

    TS3 has a good shot at $350million Domestic.

  3. I’ve noticed on that TS3 has finally surpassed HTTYD and Shrek 3 in total gross!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Airbender is getting savage reviews not just from critics, but from fans who have seen it. Their reactions on yahoo, twitter, and other social media have been poisonous. Airbender will drop off like a rock after this weekend.

    Toy Story 3 should cross 300mil by the end of Monday which is a de-facto holiday for many. 350mil domestic is in the bag, and I see it at the very least grossing around 380mil domestic-which is in line with another great trilogy capper in recent memory: The Return of the King-with an outside chance at 400mil.

    Worldwide, I see this with a very very strong shot at being the first animated film ever to gross 1billion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you know, actually, despicable me is a real competitor( RT reviews: 100%: wow!). watch out, pixar, here come another competitor for oscar.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This makes me want to raise an important question, and a serious thought about other studios out there.

    We all see how TS3 is grossing and UP’s success; what do studios have to say about PIRACY now?
    (The staff at all studios are working to feed their families. Not all of them have a say on what goes on the screen. So whether you like a film or not, do not pirate. We as fans need a way to speak to the bureaucrats in the suits, but PIRACY is not an effective option, because it’s their intellectual property, and the people in the suits fund the movies anyways. They are looking out for their companies, which is what we all do when we take care of our own households. They however can’t tell us what we like. We tell them what we like, and one way to do that is by supporting quality.)

    To the Film Companies:
    If you make good movies, people will support it. Be creative, and true to the craft. Don’t be greedy for money by making “shovelware” films, expecting people to support crap. Pixar has proved with every film what a story is. They are not just the best animation studio in the world, they are one of the best film studios also. Pixar is so creative that they could make us watch mud animation, and still make us cry, laugh, think, and remember the message of the film as well as the characters, which will all have value. Take note of them, learn story, and try it again.

    To the People:
    Question to us now is, will we as fans pirate this movie, or will we support it? The price for the DVD is only 2 to 3 times as much as the ticket, but we will be able to watch this beauty forever. By supporting quality, numbers like these will speak louder than words.

    Now they’re going to blame poor Shrek numbers on PIRACY. So consider TS3 to Shrek 4, and speak your mind. Which DVD will you buy?
    The lost profits is not a result of piracy, it just went to Pixar’s Toy Story 3.

  7. martini833 says:

    Last Anonymous- I agree that piracy is wrong, but what prompted you to write all of that? Just curious.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wrote all of that because these numbers are a result of a good product in the market. I am tired of people blaming piracy on lack of sells, when the real problem is the poor quality of movies, music, or games. What ends up happening is that the companies use this as an excuse to enforce unnecessary regulation in how we use technology.

    Besides looking at that, many people will be inspired to try out computer animation-which isn’t a bad thing, but they should also embrace the art of film making, not just a specific tool behind it. Many studios will look at the success of this film and think that it is the medium that made it successful. Studios have stopped using traditional animation just because Disney stopped. At the end of the day, most people and studios are simply copying, or licensing an already established idea. I want to see quality from everywhere, not just at Pixar, or in international films, (which are never given the credit they deserve.)

    A lot of computer animated films out there have no substance, just like the music on the radio, and games of the ‘first-person shooter’ genre. If people would be willing to have a face of their own, not giving in to what is popular, it might cause less confusion on what quality is, and what people really want. I think everybody is cruising on a “what’s popular” sail, which shouldn’t mean that what’s popular is what is good. If we had a ‘Pixar’ of music, and perhaps a ‘Pixar’ of gaming, the entire entertainment industry would be invigorated with quality, substance, and a real appreciation for art.

    When all is said and done, it’s not the money that will count, it’s the memories and the impact that something has had on your life. Money is just a resource, a means; but it is not a medium, nor is it an art form. That’s why we can easily exchange it for anything else we deem to be of real value. That value starts in the hands of the people who create what we call art, and it is not worthy to be called art if it doesn’t affect our senses or emotions, not only for today, but also at anytime and for anyone in our future.

  9. martini833 says:

    Anonymous- I agree with what you have to say. I really do. It just seems like you’re preaching to the choir, though.

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