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Turning Red alternate ending: Never not by your side - Upcoming Pixar

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Turning Red alternate ending: Never not by your side

Blu-Ray News Turning Red

Turning Red is finally out on Blu-ray today, and one of its super cool bonus features is an alternate ending! 

Mei is on a flight to California, and who should be in the seat next to hers but Robaire. Yes, that Robaire, the lead singer of 4*TOWN who’s also fluent in French. And he just happens to be her favorite member. My imagination is working overtime in visualizing this scene, but I know it can’t actually do it justice. I’m also very curious to know why it was ultimately cut. It’s so specific to a fantasy I think everyone has, even if their “celebrity in the seat next to mine on an airplane” fantasy isn’t a 4*TOWN (or other boy band) member. 

Check out storyboard drawings of the ending:

Not only is that final board amazing, but I love the other details too. Even at 13 Mei seems like an assured traveler, no doubt owing to Ming’s influence. She’s already prepared with her sleep mask on her head and a neck pillow. of course the only person who could disrupt such an efficient travel routine is her dream guy!

Last modified: September 10, 2023

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