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Two New Pixar Sparkshorts And A Feature Length Doc Coming To Disney+

Disney+ SparkShorts

Three new Pixar creations are coming to Disney+ this September: a feature length Pixar documentary (A Spark Story), and two SparkShorts (Nona and Twenty Something).

Twenty Something – Streaming September 10th

Twenty Something will be Aphton Corbin’s directorial debut, and is being produced by Erik Langley. Corbin has previously worked on Soul and Loop, and is reported to be moving into feature length production too.

It will focus on the infamously challenging period of life that is entering adulthood. Protagonist Gia struggles with imposter syndrome while celebrating her 21st birthday. Twenty Something will also be entirely hand drawn! SparkShorts have been an amazing opportunity for Pixar artists to depart from the studio’s usual animation style (see Kitbull, Out, Purl, and Burrow).

Nona – Streaming September 17th

Nona, directed by Louis Gonzales and produced by Courtney Casper Kent, will centre around a grandmother balancing her two loves: caring for her granddaughter, and watching her favourite wrestling TV show.

A Spark Story – Streaming September 24th

A Spark Story will be a feature length documentary, exploring the journeys of both Corbin and Gonzales as they create their own SparkShorts.

Pixar’s SparkShorts are created with limited budget and limited time – the small teams that have worked on them must have the best stories to tell. It sounds like a very intense experience. We’re sure A Spark Story will be a fascinating watch!

The SparkShorts programme at Pixar has done wonders for improving representation and we couldn’t be happier. Long may it continue, and we’re so pleased this pattern is now being seen in their feature movies too.

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