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Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell The Docter!

Turns out Pete Docter isn’t just a master in animation, he’s also quite knowledgeable about Dubai!

Today, he went on NPR‘s show, Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, to talk about Up and answer some questions that are completely unrelated to his job description. It’s a great listen, with the host and Up’s director cracking jokes while acknowledging animation’s current, Pixar led Golden Era. But the conversation becomes increasingly intriguing as Docter correctly answers all these random and somewhat obscure facts about the United Arab Emirates’ main tourist attraction!

I guess it shouldn’t really be a surprise considering all the stuff you have to know as a director in a multi-million dollar studio. It’s of note that Disney/Pixar was asked to make films funded by Dubai not too long ago. Of course, nothing came of this because the criterion for funding was pretty controversial… But the point is, Docter is quite an intelligent man, indeed — as if that wasn’t already obvious enough with Monsters, Inc. and Up!

Catch the insightful and hilarious interview over at NPR’s website!

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