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WALL•E DVD/Blu-ray Official Press Release

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has finally released the official press release for WALL•E!

The features are divided as follows:

Feature Film and Other Items
WALL•E Feature
Presto Theatrical Short
BURN•E DVD Exclusive Short
Commentary w/ Andrew Stanton
Cine-Explore (Blu-ray Only)
BURN•E Storyboard Picture-in-Picture (Blu-ray Only)
Geek Track Trivia Commentary (Blu-ray Only)

Easter Eggs
WALL•E Title Test
WALL•E Development Test

Robots (For Families)
WALL•E’s Treasures and Trinkets (Vignettes)
Bot Files
Lots of Bots Storybook
Sneak Peek: WALL•E’s Tour of the Universe (World Wide Telescope)
The Axiom Arcade (Retro Games)
     EVE’s Bot Blaster
     WALL•E’s Dodge & Dock
     M-O’s Mop-up Madness
     BURN•E’s Break Through

Humans (Film Fans)
Deleted Scenes (with intros & outros)
     Garbage Airlock
     Secret Files
Behind the Scenes
     Animation Sound Design: Building the World from the Sound Up (with Ben Burtt)
     The Imperfect lens: Creating the Look of WALL•E
     Captains Log: The Evolution of Humans
     Notes on a Score (with Thomas Newman)
     Life of a Shot: Deconstructing the Pixar Process
     WALL•E & EVE (Design)
BnL Shorts (Buy n Large How to)
     Captaining the Axiom
     Operation Cleanup!
     Meet the BnL Bots
     The History of Buy n Large
     All Aboard the Axiom
Worldwide Trailers (Blu-ray only)
Gallery (Blu-ray only)
3D Set Flythroughs The Pixar Story by Leslie Iwerks (Blu-ray only)
BD LiVe (Blu-ray)

Disclaimer: If ‘Blu-ray only’ is not specified it is available in the 3 disc DVD for sure, but not necessarily on the 1 disc DVD.

BURN•E Tidbit: “BURN•E [is] the story of a stalwart repair robot… who is determined to do his job, but is foiled at every turn by WALL•E’s adventures aboard the Axiom.”

To find out more about the availability of the features check out the text only WALL•E website, press release not public as of now. If you’d like more information on one of the above features feel free to ask or wait for the public release.

0 Responses to WALL•E DVD/Blu-ray Official Press Release

  1. Al-Bob says:

    Ohhhh…I so want the 3 disk DVD!! i could totally put Walle on my MP3…i’ve got to get it.

  2. Someone has gotten the WALL-E 3-disc early and posted pictures of it:

    I think the packaging is pretty cool. =)

  3. Mitch says:

    Hallelujah! It’s nice to see that the Blu-Ray/DVD format of WALL-E is, at least, receiving the treatment it deserves, that being a healthy supply of bonus features. I’m looking forward to listening to that commentary….

    Thank you for the information, martini!

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