WALL•E Wins a Hugo Award

Andrew Stanton Awards News WALL-E

It’s almost like de ja vu: about a year after WALL•E premieres the film wins yet another award, a sci-fi award to be exact…

Does that sound familiar to any of you? You may remember not too long ago WALL•E got a Saturn. Well recently Andrew Stanton’s second feature took home a Hugo Award presented by the World Science Fiction Society! Apparently it’s the most prestigious award in the world of sci-fi.

Our favorite little robot went home with the Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form prize. It was given in honor of Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Jim Reardon for their various works on the film. To put this into perspective, WALL•E won over other 2008 mega-hits such as The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Hellboy 2, a great accomplishment for a great film. See the full list of winners here.

Congratulations Andrew Stanton and co., may the awards never cease!

Last modified: August 12, 2009