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Wired on Toy Story 3: Animating a Blockbuster!

Earlier today I was able to get my hands on the latest issue of Wired Magazine thanks to a good friend.

The first thing you’ll notice about this month’s issue is a group of familiar figures. Buzz and Woody grace the cover looking as heroic as ever, but reading on is where the real action lies.

Originally, I planned on relaying some of the content that I read in the publication. Fortunately for you guys, Wired has the full feature article (and a supplementary video) available online now! I also strongly recommend buying an ink and paper copy for "Lotso" full color goodness.

Online and in print, you’ll find an accurate timeline chronicling the highly anticipated sequel’s production – marking key days since the idea was conceived. There’s also an accompanying collage featuring everyone from director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson to supervising animators Bobby Podesta and Mike Venturini! Lastly, you’ll find the shot progression which makes for a stunning spread.

Wired Magazine’s June 2010 issue is available now.

Have any of you picked up the mag?

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  1. I love Wired Magazine! They’re like Popular Science meets Entertainment Weekly with a dash of Nintendo Power. I did an interview with them when I was PR for the Wall-E Builders and they ere super nice to me.

  2. love70ways says:

    Wow. The timeline was so very interesting to see. I really liked it!

  3. Does it contain any spoilers?

  4. martini833 says:

    yoho- Nothing in Wired’s article contains spoilers. 🙂

    love70ways- Oooh, just noticed some stuff! Edited the article.

  5. ahhh! thanks so much, martin! i just got it right now and i’m sooo excited to read it! i was searching for it around barnes and noble but it was nowhere to be found! it was on a special stand! the cover feels all awesome too! :DDDDD

    btw, 5.43 is SUCH a good deal for this mag!

  6. Awesome article, I love the pictures with it. Less then a month, I remember being a Freshman and reading about Pixar confirming they were making a third movie. And now I’m graduating from High School and going on to college. How time flies.

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