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Woody’s News Round-Up: Toy Story Tidbits Edition

These past weeks have been filled with well deserved celebration for Up’s latest awards and nominations, but to change things up a bit I thought I’d give you all a few updates on Toy Story.

Excitement for Toy Story 3 is about to get even more wild as Lee Unkrich prepares to announce brand new characters next week. But one has to wonder, has the highly anticipated sequel overshadowed other happenings in the toy world? What has been going on in Andy’s room between TS3 announcements?  This special report will bring some lower profile ‘Toy’ stories to light.

Many of you are probably aware of Buzz Lightyear’s latest real life Space Ranger mission; the action-figure was recently blasted off to the International Space Station where he performed gravity experiments. Of course, every mission needs a patch so Disney and NASA partnered up for a contest to design one. An 11-year old from Tampa, FL was honored with the top prize — he’ll get to spend a few days at Kennedy Space Center/Walt Disney World and, best of all, the patch he designed (seen above) will be worn by actual astronauts! [via collectSPACE]

Also having to do with drawings of Buzz; for those of you who follow Toy Story comics, make sure to check out the latest installment. It’s #1… but not. See, writer Jesse Blaze Snider and BOOM! started the comic at #0, so 1 is actually 2 and so forth. Anyway, The story continues as Andy’s Buzz is replaced by a flashier version of the action figure, now Woody needs to get Buzz back before he’s returned to store shelves for good! I’m really digging this arc, if you have the chance definitely grab a copy. As always, the story doesn’t talk down to anyone and Pixar fans will enjoy an extra look at a universe that’s rarely explored beyond its three feature films.

Other than that, we have a lot more to look forward to in the next few months. Toy Story and Toy Story 2 premiere on Blu-ray on March 23rd and Lee Unkrich‘s announcements will continue getting juicier and juicier as the weeks progress.

What are you most looking forward to in the world of Toy Story?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay Toy Story! Before last year we scarcely heard anything new about the toy world, glad to see it’s back in action. That is one killer patch.


  2. Anonymous says:

    For me in the world of Toy Story I’m interested as to how their personal relationships have changed. Such as anything spicy between Buzz and Jessie happen between the events of TS2 – TS3, since there is a 10 yr gap there.

    Andy got any new toys and did they create any fun adventures or problems for everyone?Etc Etc. 🙂

    I can’t wait! <3

  3. jashack says:

    I am excited to find out what roles Bonnie Hunt and Whoopi Goldberg play.

  4. Are these gonna be the characters who were leaked a week ago via toys? Twitch the insect toy and the Triceratops?

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