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Woody’s News Round-Up: UK Opening Edition!

Toy Story 3 finally had its UK opening today! Celebrate with this special edition of Woody’s New Round-up!

TS3 Duo on BBC: Lee Unkrich and Darla K. Anderson recently stopped by BBC Breakfast to promote Toy Story 3. The director/producer duo made some great points about moving on, limits in filmmaking and Pixar’s philosophy. Watch an excerpt from their TV interview here.

Jude Brownbill Talks Pixar/UK Hometown: In anticipation for the studio’s latest release, This is Somerset‘ profiles UK born Pixarian, Jude Brownbill. The article recounts her journey from Cheddar (famous for the cheese) to Pixar.

The Clothes of TS3: Pixar is known for sweating the details. I mean, have you seen the stitches on Woody? Lee Unkrich sat down with Clothes on Film to discuss just that: the costumes of Toy Story 3. There’s quite a story behind the wardrobe; enjoy the interview here.

UK readers: Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet? What did you think?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m from the UK and went to see it last night! There were loads of people in the theatre – just about all adults (I only spotted one child) and, as anyone whose seen it would expect, the film got a great reaction. There were a lot surprises with unexpected moments and characters. I can’t stop thinking about it and am looking forward to seeing it again soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love that Clothes on Film interview, they really put a lot of thought into everything.


  3. love70ways says:

    Th Clothes on Film article was fantastic! I completely got that feeling that Ken matchd each of his outfits to the situation at hand. Loved it! Thanks Martin.

    I plan on watching the interview with Darla and Lee tomorrow.

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