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Woody’s News Roundup

Ok first up in Woody’s News Roundup is…

Upcoming Pixar reader Billy Harper points out this article from The Star Online eCentral. The article talks about the origins of Lightning McQueens, “Kachow”!

Next up Umang from Leafy Tractor points out that he has a collection of 13 clips from Cars. Thanks Umang!

Jim Hill Media gives you a heads up about an extra-special edition of “The Wonderful World of Disney,” which will feature a brand-new documentary about the history of Pixar.

This film chronicles how Pixar went from this humble little CG studio that produced short films & TV commercials to the powerhouse that we know today. Among the entertainment industry luminaries & celebrities that will be taking part in Saturday night’s program are George Lucas, Steve Jobs, Roy Disney, John Lasseter, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen & Billy Crystal .

Hosted by Pixar favorite John Ratzenberger, the documentary portions of the Pixar 20th Anniversary special promise to take you behind-the-scenes at the Emeryville-based animation studio as well as give you a special sneak preview of Pixar’s newest animated feature, “Cars.”

says the article. This is an event not to be missed. Find out more details at Jim Hill.

Two new podcast episodes have been added to the Cars Video Podcast in iTunes.

Day in the Life of a Producer – CARS Producer, Darla Anderson and Associate Producer, Thomas Porter talk about setting priorities in the making of an animated feature film.

Cars: Under the Hood – Take a look under the hood as the Pixar animation team brings the world of CARS to life.

The Official Cars Website has now added Voice Activation. Not what I expected, however it provides and insight into the lives of the actors and actresses playing the characters in Cars. And in the games section you can now play ‘Maters Memory Game’ and earn trading cards for beating the clock.

And that covers everything for the moment. Bring on Cars, One Man Band and the Ratatouille teaser trailer in english.

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