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A New ‘Up’ Image Revealed

A new image from Pixar’s 2009 outing, Up, has surfaced. Taken what I assume is an Italian film magazine, an anonymous reader has sent Italian movie news website, (Translated) a new, unpublished image from the film.  

The image (Pictured. Click for larger view.) depicts old-timer and explorer Carl Fredricksen and trusty scout, Russell as they trudge through the jungle. 
Up is set for release in US theatres on May 29, 2009. 

0 Responses to A New ‘Up’ Image Revealed

  1. pixar mania says:

    I am looking out for up images two

  2. martini833 says:

    We all are…
    we all are.

  3. Copper says:

    I’m not…
    I just come here to see if there are any new pictures because I know everyone here looks for them for me.

    Anyway, cool picture. I wonder what they have stapped to their backs — the house?

  4. martini833 says:

    Coming here IS looking for pictures. 😉

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