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A Virtual Pixar Directors Discussion – SparkShorts


VIEW Conference is an annual computer graphics conference held in Italy. These conferences are held in the Fall, with speakers from animation, video effects, and games. They’ve understandably moved to virtual events at the moment, with monthly preVIEW discussions leading up to the event – and this Friday, you can sign up to watch discussions from SparkShorts directors!

The directors of five Pixar SparkShorts will discuss their films in a free virtual PreVIEW discussion, presented by the VIEW Conference

This is a free virtual event, and you can sign up here. You can even choose to leave a donation if you’re in the position to!

It’s on Friday February 26th, 7pm CET, 10am PST.

Discussions will come from the directors of ‘Burrow‘ (Madeline Sharafian), ‘Out‘ (Stephen Clay Hunter), ‘Wind‘ (Edwin Chang), ‘Float‘ (Bobby Alcid Rubio), and ‘Loop‘ (Erica Milsom).

Burrow and Out have both been shortlisted for Best Animated Short Film at the 2020 Oscars.

Burrow’s art and animation style is still putting a smile on my face, after first watching it on Christmas Day.

The SparkShorts programme at Pixar is an ingenious way to give staff at the studio the opportunity to tell their stories. Already, it’s given us such a boost in inclusion and diversity amongst Pixar’s repertoire. They’ve tried new things in so many different ways: not only have we seen an interesting diversion in Pixar’s traditional animation style, but we’ve also been given our first LGBTQ+ characters (in Out), and our first characters on the autism spectrum (both in Loop and Float).

We’ll certainly be signing up – we’re looking forward to many of you joining us in the virtual audience!


Last modified: February 23, 2021

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