Absence: What I've Missed

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This past week has been crazy. Lots of fun, but crazy. It was my birthday this past Monday and I was surprised with a mega-trip to Walt Disney World. As it would be, I had no time to do anything on the internet.

That’s exactly why I haven’t posted in days, I’m not ignoring you, I swear! Well anyways I’m back and I apologize for my absence (second time this month/won’t happen again) so as a token here’s some notable news I missed:

Woody’s Last Name: Here’s some surprising news coming from Lee Unkrich on Twitter, Woody has an official last name! That would be Sheriff Woody Pride. Very fitting for this iconic character. Will we be hearing this name in Toy Story 3? No, but it has been his surname since early development of the original picture! Apparently the name was used in the description for the Toy Story Toy Box Collection once. Happy Early Birthday Mr. Unkrich!

Up’s Worldwide Success: Last Friday Up opened in major territories including France, Israel, Spain and Taiwan as their number one movie! Internationally Pete Docter’s latest has collected about $71 million. Meanwhile, Up is ending it’s US run with $286 million so far. (via Box Office Mojo)

So I hope you accept my apology (with the late news) because we’ll be back with lots of news, actually really soon. The next post should be very exciting…

Last modified: August 7, 2009