Brand New RenderMan Site is Now Live

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It is an event when Pixar’s website is updated, and an even bigger one when a major portion is redesigned!

The RenderMan portal of has just launched with a brand new design. The industry standard in rendering has been the leader for over 20 years and this website celebrates how truly epic that is! Included in the page is information for professionals and curious fans alike.

In the "What’s RenderMan?" section you’ll find information about the product itself such as awards it’s won/movies it’s been used for, specific technical specifications, FAQs and more. As you delve further into the site you’ll notice a selection of RenderMan products and links with information for purchasing titled: "The Tools." There’s also a "News" area featuring press releases, testimonials and the such. Finally you’ll see the "Support" section which is meant for those in the industry who have purchased the software.

There’s lots to look at but remember, much of the facilities on this branch of are meant for professionals only, so I’d advise you to please respect that.

Related: Speaking of websites, Jim Hill Media is reporting that Disney has just registered the domain MONSTERS2.COM, clearly another clue pointing towards the rumored sequel.

Last modified: July 31, 2009