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Bob Peterson: Dog Lover

It’s no secret that Up co-director, Bob Peterson, loves dogs, but in his latest interview, the voice of Dug really opens up about why he adores pooches.

Glenn Close (yes, the famous actress and fellow dog afficionado) gave the multi-talented Pixarian a call on behalf of The Huffington Post to talk about his loveable canines and how they inspire his work at Pixar Animation Studios.

Here’s an excerpt from the chat between two dog lovers:

Glenn Close: What would be your favorite movie?

Dug: A funny movie where the squirrel gets dead.

Yup, that part was Bob in Dug mode! The more serious portion of the interview really shows how much he appreciates his two pups, German Sheppard Rosy and Spaniel Ava! He also talks about the Canine Companions for Independence charity.

Be sure to give the rest of the interview a full read, it’s not one to miss!

(Image © Huffington Post)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    haha that’s great to hear 😀 Bob Peterson sure has a lot of Dug’s energy in him.


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