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Bob Whitehill Talks Cars 2/Brave 3D!

It seems like it’s been a whole year since Pixar blogger day.

So when I heard that Collider had a holdover video from last March’s event, I didn’t expect to see anything new. Boy, was I wrong.

The interview with Pixar’s 3D guru, Bob Whitehill, generally goes over the filmmaking process and Toy Story 3. But the real gem comes when Whitehill describes what’s sure to be a stunning scene from Brave.

"We have done a little test sequence for [Brave] in 3D, of the main character riding her beautiful horse through the woods and it just looks gorgeous… she’s a beautiful character with long, flowing red hair… the misty Scottish forest is really stunning."

Whitehill also admits he’ll be facing some challenges on Cars 2. Even though the world seems "made for the 3D", it looks like they’ll have to fine tune Pixar’s next film more than you’d think.

Don’t miss this must-watch video interview over at Collider!

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