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Box-Office Buzz: Back on Track?

If this weekend is any indicator, Cars 2 may be back on track to a stronger box-office take than most might have expected.

Pixar’s latest picked up just under $5 million dollars on Friday and Sunday, with a Saturday total of about $6 million. It is with little doubt that I see Cars 2 ending somewhere in between Ratatouille and WALL•E‘s domestic gross. This week’s total:


Pixar’s latest experienced a relatively low drop from the previous week, earning an estimated $15 million dollar. That’s only a 50% drop from the extended Fourth of July weekend and a 40% change without counting the holiday. This is a huge improvement over last week’s plummet of over 60%.

Update: Actuals are in!

Your thoughts?

(via Box Office Mojo)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not bad, but $15 million is still the worst 3rd weekend for a summer Pixar movie ever. Cars 2 is tracking pretty far behind WALL-E ($163M after 3rd weekend) now and Ratatouille ($143M after 3rd weekend) is quickly closing in.
    $200 million is possible, but only of it doesn’t get destroyed by Potter next weekend. If it drops 50% or more it can kiss $200 million goodbye.

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