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Box Office Buzz: Climbing “Up” The Pixar Ladder! [UPDATE X2]

So, we know Up is a big box office hit. But just how big?

Well, today’s estimates are saying that Up has crossed the mark set by A Bug’s Life (1998-1999/without inflation) making it the 9th highest grossing Pixar movie so far! Up just keeps soaring, recently breaking the $150 million mark and now starting to climb the Pixar ladder. The upcoming milestones for Pete Docter’s latest would be to overcome the production budget of $175 million, reach Toy Story’s domestic gross of $191,796,233 and then break through to $200 million domestically. After that, just keep going… Up!

I have a feeling all of the above will be taken care of in a week or so. Maybe it’ll even reach Monsters, Inc.-like numbers along (or at the end of) it’s run. I just have this feeling that Up could be a much bigger hit than WALL•E and Ratatouille, but then again I could be completely wrong with Transformers, Harry Potter and Ice Age sequels coming very soon. I’m also quite curious how it’ll do overseas, but I’ll set that off for a later discussion.

Anyways, this is how the weekend figured so far: Friday was very successful with $8,850,000, suggesting Up is still going strong; right behind The Hangover but considerably in front of the "family" competition. This means Pixar’s 10th is now at a predicted $165,514,000 putting it on track for the #2 spot in America. Further weekend estimates put the film at $185.16 million once Sunday passes. Keep it here for updates throughout the weekend!

Update: Box Office Mojo is reporting that Friday’s weekend estimates were a tad low. They actually think Up may end… up at $187 million with a $13 million Saturday and an $8 million Sunday! That means Up has now busted its production budget and in the next few days will surpass Toy Story’s domestic total leaving $200 million not very far away! Impressive, impressive indeed… Expect weekend totals Monday.

Update 2: Weekend estimates are in! The total for Up this weekend was $30,762,280 bringing it to $187,425,989 ending at a strong (and close) number 2! I hear there are many records attached to those numbers, sounds good to me!

So as I keep saying (but I do so sincerely) keep on telling people about Up and how much you liked it! And of course, congratulations to Pixar for their 10th hit in a row!!

(via Box Office Mojo)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    UP has just climbed to within about 4 million of where Nemo was at the same point of release. That’s pretty good. I’m guessing that your long term projection of only equaling ‘Monsters’ numbers comes from the expected competition for the rest of the summer? Harry Potter, etc?

  2. martini833 says:

    Yup, the summer market will most definitely get in the way, but it’s almost to $200 million so the next two weeks should be fine. I love when Pixar surprises people with hits, come on, why wouldn’t Pixar have another hit?! 😛
    But the momentum and legs it has are impressive!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This should put the whole “Pixar annual downward spiral at the box-office, similar to Disney after the Lion King” meme to rest now, eh?

  4. Shark Bait says:

    If those estimates are accurate, than that would give “Up” Pixar’s highest third-weekend gross ever, passing Finding Nemo’s third weekend by about $2 million.

  5. I’m seeing a box office pattern similar to Finding Nemo’s. I think—in the end—Up is about to make as many as Nemo few years back.

  6. Anonymous says:

    3rd weekend actual: $30,762,280.
    Biggest 3rd weekend for a Pixar film ever.
    10th biggest 3rd weekend of all time.
    Yeah, that’s pretty amazing indeed. Unfortunately, Up will not make as much as Finding Nemo. I’m afraid that Ice Age 3 will take care of that.

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