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Box Office Buzz: Fourth of July Weekend! [UPDATE]

Cars 2 drove past its second weekend at the US box-office; let’s see how the film fared this time around.

Unfortunately, Pixar’s latest may not have had the most explosive 4th of July weekend. Friday brought in $7.9 million dollars, with similar Saturday and Sunday averages of around $9 million. Monday’s take of about $5.3 million rounded out the long weekend, bringing Cars 2 to a total of:


Here’s the good news, Cars 2 broke past the $100 million dollar mark in a very short amount of time. The bad news is that Cars 2 made 70-50% less than it did last week— a monumental drop compared to past Pixar titles. Usually, we look towards the studio’s long "legs" to carry the film for months. But likely due to an abundance of negative reviews, Cars 2 isn’t showing this powerful characteristic, however there’s still time to change this trend for the better.

Update: Actuals are in, Cars 2 made a total of $31 M this weekend. See above for the film’s cumulative gross so far.

Your thoughts?

(via Box Office Mojo)

5 Responses to Box Office Buzz: Fourth of July Weekend! [UPDATE]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cars 2 is the WORST pixar film. so expect more bad numbers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cars 2 was up against Transformers 3. Once again, this was bad timing for this release. Transformers 3 will push Pirates for this years biggest worldwide boxoffice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the article. Except for the notion that Brave is “highly anticipated.”. After firing the original, experienced director and putting 2 novice directors on the project, it sounds a bit shaky.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I loved Cars 2, it was a visual feast! I’m really confused as to why it’s getting a negative reaction; but perhaps the expectations of Pixar has finally caught up to itself.
    I truly hope it has legs and I think it will once people get off their high horses!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Of course people have high expectations when it comes to Pixar movies. People expect a movie with a strong and heartfelt story and interesting characters and apparently Cars 2 doesn’t deliver that. It only delivers ‘just fun’. Well, if I want to see a movie that’s ‘just fun’, I could just as well watch a DreamWorks or a Blue Sky movie. Heck, if I want to see a movie with impressive visual effects that’s ‘just fun’, I’d rather watch Transformers.
    There are several elements that set Pixar apart from other studios and those elements are apparently not present in Cars 2. It’s completely void of everything that made Pixar so great. I’m wondering whether true Pixar fans should be happy with a movie like Cars 2. I’m not. If Pixar continues like this, they’ll be no better than DreamWorks, Blue Sky, or even Michael Bay.

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