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Box Office Buzz: Up Still High Up There; Breaks $100 Mil. Mark [UPDATE X2]

Up is still flying high at the box office, word of mouth seems to be bringing Pixar’s latest to new heights!

Up puns aside, these past week days were outstanding, but the projections for the weekend are phenomenal! Since a major chunk of Up’s audience is still in school, week days have seen a little bit of a downgrade from that of WALL•E‘s but it’s still doing remarkably well overall slightly ahead of the studio’s predecessor.

The weekend is when it really gets exciting. Slash Film is reporting that Up is headed for $45 million, possibly achieving a second weekend at #1! That would bring Up’s total up to an estimated $138 million, hovering past the competition including sequels like Night at the Museum 2 and Terminator Salvation! If it doesn’t reach the top spot again, it’ll be right behind The Hangover which, alongside Up, destroyed Land of the Lost!

Some more exciting news (but not surprising), Up zoomed past the $100 mil. mark Friday bringing in an estimated $13,500,000! That gets Pixar’s 10th film an almost guaranteed $106,572,000 at the box office as of that day!

Update: Weekend estimates are in! Saturday brought in an estimated $17.8 million and Sunday earned a bonus $13.3 million! That brings Up to an estimated $137,316,000 as of Sunday! It also makes Pixar’s 10th… the #1 movie in America for the 2nd week in a row narrowly edging out The Hangover!!

Update 2: A little disappointing news, reports today (Monday) are saying that in final estimates The Hangover beat Pixar’s pic by $300,000 making Up the #2 film of the week. They both reached a solid $44 million so that’s still something to be very proud of! Again, we’ll bring you final figures when theyre out…

Want to see Up… up where it belongs? Keep on supporting the film and tell all your friends how amazing it was! Congratulations to the whole Up team for another hugely succesful week!

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  1. Mitch says:

    Reporting as one who works at a theater, I can definitely see how “Up”‘s box office numbers have skyrocketed. Ever since the film was released, the sudden influx of crowds has been phenomenal, and adults and children alike have continued to pour in to see both the 2-D and 3-D screenings of “Up”.

    Everyone I’ve talked to — both my co-workers and theater patrons — absolutely love this film. They can’t seem to get enough of it. The sentimental sequences capture the hearts of the adults, while the kids can’t stop talking about the fun characters. (Dug seems to be the most popular by far, with young boys and girls quoting his lines of dialogue. I even heard a few boys claiming who got to play as “Grey Leader”, “Red 3”, etc….)

    Whenever I’m working, I usually ask people what film they’re going to see, and it’s almost always “Up”. When I tell them that it’s absolutely brilliant they usually get even more interested/excited, even after they’ve heard all the hype over it. One lady came back for more popcorn several minutes after the film had started, so I asked her how she liked the movie, and she said that it was great! Another lady who left after the film had ended kept raving about how wonderful it was. Yet another group of people (a band of young girls, actually) kept chatting about how cute Dug was. Additionally, whenever I’m on my break (or whenever I do a “theater check”, which lasts a few seconds per theater) I go in to watch the movie for about twenty minutes, so I get to see first-hand the reactions of the audience. The humorous moments are the best ones, obviously; parents and their kids laugh so hard in parts, it’s not even funny. People love this film!!

    Even though the movie has been out for a week or two, the tickets are still going fast. “Night at the Museum” and “Land of the Lost” have gotten a few people, but “Up” towers over them both. Truth be told, there’s nothing much out there for kids and their parents to watch together, and “Up” is the perfect antidote for a lack of entertainment for both parties.

    In any case, thanks for the continual news reports on “Up”‘s box office progress, martini!

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