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Monsters, Inc. 2 Confirmed?!

Remember the big Toy Story display at the Las Vegas International Licensing Fair we posted about last week? 

Wasn’t this about a Monsters sequel? You did not read the title of this article incorrectly, that big display for Pixar’s 2010 release wasn’t the only thing Disney showed for Pixar Animation Studios… Jim Hill Media is reporting that another Pixar sequel (besides Cars 2) was previewed for potential licensees at this year’s fair behind closed doors . Yup, you guessed it! It’s the long rumored sequel to Pete Docter’s directorial debut, Monsters, Inc.!

Unlike the other Pixar sequels, the blog is reporting that the original director will be helming part 2. So while the Up DVD/Blu-ray/Awards tours are wrapping… UP, we can expect Pete to talk up Mike and Sulley’s return to the big screen! When can I come back to Monstropolis I hear you ask? Tentatively, 2013.

Also of note: Remember how Monsters, Inc. on Blu-ray was supposed to come out this Spring but was pushed back to this Fall? Sounds to me like a good conversation starter for a sequel. Speaking of release dates, this rumored (or is it confirmed?) sequel will be out 12 years after the original in 2001, just saying.

We’ll bring you any more information that finds it’s way online as soon as possible. But for now, tell us what you think? Are you excited for this project or are the scream canisters in Monstropolis quickly filling up?

21 Responses to Monsters, Inc. 2 Confirmed?!

  1. Anonymous says:

    sadly, JHM is anything but a reliable source. for example, did he or did he not say Wall*E would be appearing on the Tony awards? or characters would be returning to LTT or anything in the unofficial guide to WDW

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh. My. God. Indeed.

    That is a groan, not from any happiness.


    What other sequel could it be other than Toy Story 3 and Cars 2? In a way I’m excitied but most of all, it seems to be a bit un-necessary. I’ve said it before, but Monsters, Inc. had the best ending of any Pixar movie ever. A sequel may take away from that. But I’ll try to wait until I see it before going on about it too much. After all, just look at how perfect Toy Story 2 is.

    Btw, really creative writing with this blog lately, Martin. I haven’t had time to comment, but great work! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:


    Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

    There are no other words.

  5. Anonymous says:

    With The Pixar Blog, blueskydisney and now finally Jim Hill all point to the existence of MI2 project I think it will be officially announced very soon.

    However I refuse to believe it 100% until Pixar and Pete Docter confirm so.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t help but feel inherent danger in this sequel madness. While they may or may not be amazing, I sure hope they at least intend to release originals SOMEWHERE on their schedule… While TS2 is still one of my Pixar favorites, I consider that a fluke in sequel land.

  7. Anonymous says:

    its definitely happening people…I got my sources…although I heard it wasn’t gonna be pete doctor directing. So yeah we’ll just have to wait and see who’s directing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s obvious that Pixar has finally run out of ideas. If this is true, then 3 out of the next 5 Pixar projects are sequels. Yuck. This is worse than the average Hollywood studio.
    You know it’s bound to happen. Pixar’s winning streak cannot continue forever. So we should enjoy it while it lasts.
    Well, whatever happens, we still have DreamWorks, which tries to release at least one original film each year.

  9. Anonymous says:

    so they will eventually make a sequel out af all their movies BUT the one we actually want to see..
    the underminer, anyone?

  10. totoro says:

    I don’t think Pixar will pull a Dreamworks here – Newt and The Bear and the Bow aren’t exactly sequels.

    Furthermore, as sequel-worthiness goes, MI has always been at spot #2 for me, right behind The Incredibles.
    And with Pete Docter directing, I really don’t see anything else but a brilliant film coming our way here.

    Then again, everyone probably would have been excited at this point if it weren’t for Cars 2.
    I guess until we find out whether that one is any good the uncertainty will continue.

  11. Jewlesz says:

    This is sad that so many of you feel this way about a Pixar sequel. Think of it as an old friend – you want to know how they are doing, what they have been up to and what has changed. Pixar makes these amazing characters and stories and to only use them once and never touch base again seems like a waste! We all know that Pixar knows how to tell a story and it doesn’t have to be better than the last story – it’s Pixar and you know it will be good! This is a fan site and for anyone to mock their descision I believe that they are not true fans. You know wether you like the idea of a sequel or not, you will see the movie AND because it is Pixar you know it will be great! Me presonally, I can’t wait to see what adventure Sully and Mike get into and not to mention the new characters that will be introduced. I hope this rumor becomes true!

  12. Jewlesz, just because they don’t have a sequel does not in anyway mean the characters are going to waste.

    Also, we are not mocking Pixar. We really don’t want a sequel. Monsters, Inc. ended in a way that a sequel would just ruin it. Some movies need to be left open ended for the viewer to expand on what happens using his own imagination. It’s so much more magical when it’s not defined with a sequel.

    Also, to call us not fans because we don’t want a follow up is ridiculous. Fans should be allowed to voice opinion and still be called fans. There isn’t anything out there that we would support 100%…so no one would be fans of anything.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You people doubt Pixar? When have they ever let us down? Why should tihs be any different? I have faith that Pixar will amaze us again, just like they did with Ratatouille, WALL·E, Up, and how they will with Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and Newt, ect.

  14. annarborjack says:

    Why is everyone all like “NOOO!” I’m Excited!

  15. woody says:

    me too! I LOVE MI!

  16. I think I died a little on the inside. Sequels were not the reason that I liked Pixar, and they are the reason that I’m not a big fan of DW.

    “Well, whatever happens, we still have DreamWorks, which tries to release at least one original film each year.” – Anon #7?

    (caughhackgag) What? Original as in the start for a new line of sequels if the movie does well $wise? o.O

    yohoitsjoefosho: Thank you. Had I been on earlier and found this article, I would’ve said the same.

  17. Anonymous says:

    As one critic I read once said, there are films we as fans want to see, and then there are the films we REALLY want. In our heads, we think we want sequels to movies we love, but I would argue that more often than not this desire is not based on some aspect about the original that left them unfulfilled, or thought that something needed to be more fully explored, but rather it is a desire for more for the sake of having more. Thankfully, when Pixar produced it’s only sequel, it made sure there was something left to explore, which gives hope where other studios would quickly just thoughtlessly dish out a repeat – hopefully the sequels on slate will be made for the right reasons and that Pixar isn’t letting up on the gas pedal.

    However, the films we really want – and the ones I personally look forward to the most, deep down, are the ones whose universes we haven’t explored at all yet.

    Imagine if they announced these sequels sometime after Finding Nemo, and instead of getting “The Incredibles”, “Ratatouille, “WALL-E” or “Up”, we got the sequels we’re only starting to see now, with the other film ideas being forgotten about. Sure, they’re likely to be really good in their own right, but look what great new things we would have missed out on! My most anticipated new Pixar films are not Toy Story III or Cars II, they’re “The Bear And The Bow” and “Newt”.

    Their more recent films have pushed the medium forward every time, expanding on our expectations on what surprises animation is capable of.

    I used to be part of the large number of Pixar fans who spoke of their desire to see that most desired of sequels, the one of course being “The Incredibles”, but now I have since reneged on that desire, after seeing the studio push themselves to height after height since.

    I’ve been to the universe the Incredibles gave us, and I loved it, but I’d rather be surprised now with ideas I don’t even know I like because they haven’t been imagined yet.

    It’s a lesson learned in “Ratatouille” when Anton Ego joyfully exclaims: “Surprise me!”. It would be a pity if Pixar forgot the lesson they themselves evoked so well in that film, which is still in my top two favorites in their library.

    I’m actually hoping Jim Hill is as wrong on this as he usually is on predicting returns on Pixar films.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I for one am thrilled by the prospsect of MI2. Are sequels necessary? No, and I for one believe that you should never do a sequel for sequel’s sake. But Pixar has proven they aren’t a factory like Dreamworks. They will not re-visit a world or characters unless there is ana amazing story to be told. When TS3 is released, it will have been 12 years since TS2 and the same with MI2.

    These films aren’t rushed, they wait for the perfect idea. I think the best evidence is the fact that sequel people expect the most is probably the easiest to do half-way (The Incredibles), and it has not been greenlit yet. I’ve heard great things about TS3, and iger also said things like Ratatouille would nto get sequels. But there are some worlds that are so rich that they should be revisited. Even literary masters like Homer, Edgar Rice Borrough and Arthur Conan Doyle wrote sequels. As long as there is still original fare along the way like the Bear and the Bow and Newt. I’m happy with it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t we already hear about this over at Blue Sky Disney like two months ago?

    What is Jim Hill going to tell us next? Obama wins the presidency!

  20. Anonymous says:

    i love sequels.. i love to see whats happening with them now… i think a finding nemo 2 would be great!!!

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