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John Lasseter Visits Studio Ghibli [UPDATE]

Update: Unfortunately, due to a request from Studio Ghibli and Disney•Pixar we have pulled the image from Upcoming Pixar (as have they from their host), but you can still imagine the visit below:

At Pixar, they’re really big fans of Studio Ghibli! It’s a big compliment to them when people compare Up to those films because both studios are masters of their craft and admire each other for it.

In fact John Lasseter and Hayao Miyazaki (founder, director, etc.) are good friends. For those who may not know, Hayao Miyazaki is considered the animation master of Japan directing such masterpieces as Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. So when John Lasseter was in town to promote Bolt in Japan, he stopped by Studio Ghibli to say hello to his old friend. Up_dates, the official Twitter of Up, followed Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios’ Chief Creative Officer on his trip and I thought I’d share those pictures with you guys on the blog!

Click links for reference: John arrived in Tokyo and then headed to the legendary Ghibli Museum. Once there, the Pixar animation guru admired art from the Japanese studio’s films. After lunch, Lasseter signed the wall of fame which is full of doodles by famed animators from Pixar and beyond. Here is his final drawing, it’s John’s version of John! On the previous picture, try to point out every character and signature you can find! Later on, John, Hayao and the Bolt crew sat down for lunch to talk about their craft. Finally, Miyazaki, Lasseter and Suzuki posed for a picture in front of Studio Ghibli. Sounds like they had a great time!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I lived in Japan 4-5 years ago for a couple of years. I visited the Studio Ghibli Museum tons. Once when I went there they had a wonderful Pixar exhibit that took up many rooms. It really helped me fall in love with Pixar as a non-kid. It had all of Pixar’s art etc. In fact there were multiple great Pixar exhibits in Tokyo while I lived there. Anyway the exhibit was set up like the Ghibli Museum is, but it was Pixar instead it was great. If would be great if someone could dig up pictures from that. I’m sure Lasseter was there for that exhibit.

  2. martini833 says:

    That’s really cool that you got to visit! I have seen some pictures of the 20 Years of Animation exhibit’s tour stop in Japan and I wish I couldve gone, glad you enjoyed it! By the way I hope it doesn’t sound like this was John’s first visit in the article, he’s been there quite a few times as evidenced by the wall of fame. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

  3. markjochems says:

    martini833, yes, I’d like to see more stories like this! This blog really is one of the first things I check on the web every day and just love everything Pixar-related convenient in one place! Keep it UP! It’s much appreciated.

  4. Rey says:

    Man, I hope Mr. Lasseter asks Mr. Miyazaki to voice Carl Fredricksen in UP. There’s your marketing and it would be UPforgettable. Sing it Nate King Cole!

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