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Box Office Watch: ‘Brave’ Weekday Totals (6/25-6/28)!

After a strong start, Brave continues to impress at its first weekday box office run.

According to Box Office Mojo, the film grossed $8,948,171 on Monday, $8,926,775 on Tuesday, $6,834,139 on Wednesday, and $6,641,012 on Thursday, bringing its domestic total to $97,673,691.

Ignoring outlier Toy Story 3, Brave is performing extremely well, in line with other recent Pixar movies. Brave‘s first week total exceeds that of every Pixar film besides the aforementioned Toy Story 3. With a domestic total that’s $7 million above what Cars 2 had achieved at this point, Brave will likely do much better than that film financially.

New competition this weekend such as Magic Mike and Ted will do little to impact Brave, targeting separate demographics. However, the openings of The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3 and Ice Age: Continental Drift on July 13 will definitely take a toll on Brave‘s intake. Stay tuned for more news.

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