Buzz and WALL•E Part of the 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time

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Empire Magazine has compiled their list of the Greatest Movie Characters ever. Buzz Lightyear, and WALL•E are two of only three animated characters in the list (the other being Jessica Rabbit) ranking in at #94 and #63, respectively!

Empire writes on Buzz:
"Buzz Lightyear deserves his slot because he’s a dreamer. And dreamers, sometimes, deserve to fly as high as they can."
…and on WALL•E:
"The adorable little bolt bucket never, ever, gives up hope, and winds up saving both the planet and the human race for his trouble. But it’s the revealing of his personality through his undying fascination with human junk that really wins you over. "

Buzz and WALL•E are among greats like Darth Vader, The Joker, Yoda, James Bond, Jack Sparrow, Indiana Jones, Forrest Gump, and they sure deserves it!

Last modified: December 1, 2008