Cars 2 a "Hitchcockian" Spy Thriller


More details on the plot of Cars 2 were revealed at the London-based Disney Animation Showcase, Empire reports.

John Lasseter announced at the event a large section of the movie will revolve around Larry the Cable Guy’s character, Mater, a "Hitchcockian" case of mistaken identity and a British secret agent in a huge spy thriller.

"Mater, who we know from the series of cartoon shorts Mater’s Tall Tales (more on that in our blog in a minute) is prone to exaggeration, gets involved in a "Hitchcockian" case of mistaken identity, saves the life of a British secret agent called Finn McMissile (who looks a heck of a lot like an Aston Martin) and becomes embroiled in a huge spy thriller. Only no-one believes him."

Strangely enough, there seems to have been no mention on the World Grand Prix, subtitle. Cars 2 sounds like it’ll be as hilarious as the Cars Toons and as thrilling as the race scenes in the original Cars, sounds great to me! 

Speaking of Cars Toons, two new Mater’s Tall Tales have been announced. The first, Unidentified Flying Mater, has the trusty tow-truck befriend a UFO and help it escape from Parking Area 51. The next, Heavy Metal Mater, finds our hero becoming a famous rockstar!

I won’t spoil much more, but you can read the rest of the what sounds to be like a very exciting plot line with more appeal to an international audience than Cars over at Empire.

Cars 2, directed by Brad Lewis, is set for realease on June 24th, 2011.

I wonder who will play Finn McMissile? Leave your predictions in the comments below. I’m hedging my bets on an ex-bond, quite possibly Sean Connery, but maybe moreso Roger Moore as his voice epitomises James Bond in my opinion. Let us know what you think about Cars 2. I’m keen to hear your opinions.
Last modified: September 10, 2009