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TS3: Timothy Dalton is Mr. Pricklepants!

Empire News reported from the London-based Disney Animation Showcase that Pixar’s John Lasseter announced another character in the upcoming sequel, Toy Story 3.

None other than 2 time 007, Timothy Dalton, will be lending his voice to the character of Mr. Pricklepants, "a hedgehog toy with thespian tendancies." Empire noted that if he is allowed to use his charming british accent, he will be the first non-minor-cameo* character in a Toy Story film to have one.
Also at the event, Lasseter previewed the footage already showcased at VIFF, as well as the un-released Toy Story 3 trailer. (WARNING: SPOILERS!) A full report of the event can be read here.
The London event also featured major news on Cars 2 (click here for full coverage.) Concept art and previously unconfirmed casting of Julie Walters was showcased for The Bear and the Bow. WDAS also had big announcements for Rapunzel and 2011’s Winnie the Pooh.
*Andi Peters, an English television presenter had a cameo appearance as a Male Baggage Handler in Toy Story 2 after interviewing John Lasseter for Andi Meets Toy Story 2.
What are your thoughts on this character? What kind of role in the film will he play? Will Timothy Dalton be allowed to keep his British accent or will he have to adopt another voice? My hunch is he can keep his British accent and that’s why Pixar chose him. Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For some reason I’m mostly worried about how they’re gonna handle new characters in TS3. Obviously I was very little when TS2 came out so I had no concerns about new characters being introduced in it, but they instantly became a part of the Toy Story series and were all likable additions. But so far we only know (and only a little) about two new characters in TS3, and I’m worried. Are they going to become useless, unlikable, unmemorable extras, or are they going to be so great I’ll feel like they belong right there with Woody, Buzz and the gang? Ugh, it worries me so much…

    — Lei

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