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Cars 2 Weekday Box-Office Report! (6/27/11 – 6/30/11) [UPDATE]

Even after facing fearsome competition from the latest Transformers, Cars 2 is holding up well into the work week.

As always, box-office takes a hit after the weekend, but compared to some of Pixar’s recent hits, Cars 2 is on the right track. Here’s how the week played out so far.

Monday: $6,958,490
Tuesday: $7,089,413
Wednesday: $5,540,193
Thursday: $5,207,012

Cumulative Box-Office: $90,930,615

Notes + Predictions: Weekday Box-Office reports will be published on the blog each Tuesday. Starting next week, look out for these types of posts in their regularly scheduled date. Cars 2 should round out the week at about $90 million, undoubtedly breaking the $100 million dollar mark over the upcoming weekend. Sounds good!

Your thoughts?

(via Box Office Mojo)

One Response to Cars 2 Weekday Box-Office Report! (6/27/11 – 6/30/11) [UPDATE]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Estimated Friday: $7,871,000. Off almost 70% from last Friday. Even with Transformers 3 opening, this is absolutely horrendous. Seems like bad word of mouth is kicking in after all. I can’t find another explanation. Cars 2 will struggle to make $200 million and will be the least attended Pixar film by a wide margin.

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