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Designing Up/Inside and Out

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Posted by Martin • May 16, 2009

Playing with shapes, studying overweight dogs, visiting the zoo, those are just some of the diverse activities that describe production research on Up!

The New York Times is running an article, Designing Up, featuring director Pete Docter and production designer Ricky Nierva discussing the film’s "simplexity." The team talk about each of the main characters and some facts on how the Up team came UP with them. For example, Carl and Ellie’s design center on squares and circles, in fact, pictures of the couple together feature a square frame and a circle matte. Russell was designed to be simple, but with simplicity comes complexity, at least when CG is involved. His clothing was challenging in particular because of the many overlapping layers. Don’t forget Dug and Kevin, for these two odd animals the team researched all sorts of creatures. From the rare, iridescent Himalayan Monal to an overweight Labrador/Golden Retriever mutt.

You can read the article here. Don’t forget to play the interactive feature, "Inside and Out", that compliments the piece. The feature includes recordings of Docter and Nierva talking about the characters; illustrated with concept art and fully rendered stills! Speaking of art, we’ll be reviewing The Art of Up soon.

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Brand New Russian Up Posters + The Art of Up Preview

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Posted by Martin • April 23, 2009

Double Up on UP News!

Up in Russia: AnimationS has discovered these brand new Russian Up posters.

They’re very elaborate, with rich colors, displaying the character dynamic between, not only Carl and Russell, but Dug and Kevin. Notably, on the bottom-right poster, there seems to be a character that looks like Kevin but with different coloration, could it be another member of the undiscovered species? Anyhow, I hope to see these one sheets in English soon!

Check them out above, click to view larger.

(Thanks, Wall_E21 from the Pixar Planet Fourms)

The Art of Up Preview: Parka Blogs has a nice little review of the upcoming Pixar/Chronicle Books release, The Art of Up!

Included are some pages from the publication itself, but beware, it contains possible spoilers for those who may not be all that familiar with some plot details in Up. In the post, a flip through video of the book is included. The quick peek at the contents reveal that The Art of Up will be rich in both art and informative text!

I think we’ve got yet another beautiful addition to everyone’s Pixar collection on our hands.

(Thanks, parka!)

Tell us what you think!

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The Art of Pixar Short Films Out Now!

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Posted by Martin • February 25, 2009

The much anticipated coffee table book, The Art of Pixar Short Films by Cartoon Brew co-founder Amid Amidi (foreword by John Lasseter) is available for purchase now!

Do you want to get your hands on the latest in the  ‘Art of Pixar’ series? You can enter this contest (sponsored by publisher Chronicle Books) to get a free copy of the book and accompanying DVD. All you have to do is post a comment saying what your favorite Pixar short is, and you could win in the random draw. Otherwise, the book is available to order from the Chronicle Books page or from Amazon.

The Art of Pixar Short Films will be a wonderful addition to your Pixar collection.
For more information, read my book review.

Enjoy some exclusive high resolution images (Courtesy of Chronicle Books):
Click to view larger: Andre & Wally B., Tin Toy, For The Birds, One Man Band.

Exclusive announcement: Amid Amidi has also brought to our attention that in about a month he will be starting on The Art of Toy Story 3! Exciting news. Oh, and don’t forget, The Art of Up by Tim Hauser (TAo WALL•E) is coming in May.

*Image credit: From The Art of Pixar Short Films by Amid Amidi foreword by John Lasseter/Published by Chronicle Books, LLC.

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Exclusive: The Art of Pixar Short Films Review!

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Posted by Martin • February 9, 2009

First of all, I’d like to start off by saying that The Art of Pixar Short Films by Cartoon Brew’s Amid Amidi is, in one word, beautiful!

You can’t expect anything less coming out of Chronicle Books/Pixar after all. From the glossy slipcover to the full color spreads, the quality is nothing less than premium. You’ll find over 250 sketches, pastels, storyboards and rendered frames which are masterfully placed throughout the abundant and informative text.

The book covers all of Pixar’s shorts from Luxo Jr. through Lifted (including Andre & Wally B.) and does not spare details. It is divided into the art of Early, Next Generation and Movie Based shorts; alongside an introduction to each vignette’s production. All of your favorite characters from the shorts are there, from Mr. B to Tippy!

"The Art of Pixar Short Films" will look great next to your other "Art of…" books, but on the inside it is more like "To Infinity and Beyond!: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios" (also from Chronicle) although it focuses on the shorts in more detail than ever before! This correlation comes to mind mostly because there are more paragraphs than blurbs. The history does not detract from the actual artistic content which keeps going into the back pages without any interuptions. You’ll learn something new about each film with descriptive captions alongside an ongoing story. It’s got everything to do with Pixar shorts in glorious detail, from their early days all the way through each production.

With a foreword from John Lasseter as well as little Pixar related tidbits, every page has a new surprise. If you’ve ever wondered how these beloved shorts developed, this Amid Amidi book is definitely for you!

List of Pixar shorts covered (in order of appearance): The Adventures of Andre and Wally B., Luxo Jr., Red’s Dream, Tin Toy, Knick Knack, Geri’s Game, For the Birds, Boundin’, One Man Band, Lifted, Mike’s New Car, Jack-Jack Attack and Mater and the Ghostlight.

The coffee table book will be available February 25, 2009 and will retail for $40 USD. You can purchase it here.

Thanks goes out to the great people at Chronicle Books, Cartoon Brew’s amazing writer and co-founder, Amid Amidi and of course Pixar for making these labors of love.

There’s no doubt "The Art of Pixar Short Films" should be in every Pixar fan’s collection!

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Luxo Brightens Up the Cover of The Art of Pixar Short Films (Updated Release Date: 02/25/09)

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Posted by Martin • January 12, 2009

Briefly: The Art of Pixar Short Films, written by Cartoon Brew co-founder Amid Amidi has gotten a new cover and will hit February 25th where it’s priced at $26.40. The book features 250 pieces of artwork from Pixar’s shorts (from the early shorts to the movie based shorts), a history on each masterpiece and a foreword from John Lasseter.

Luxo really lights up the cover doesn’t he!?

(Thanks, TPB)

* Update in bold.

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The Art of Up Has Got it All Covered [UPDATE]

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Posted by Martin • January 1, 2009

We can expect that from Chronicle’s next coffee table book from Pixar, The Art of Up! The book is written by TAo WALL•E author Tim Hauser, and includes 250 full color illustrations from production and development and a foreword from Pete Docter. And best of all, an awesome new cover is now available.

UPDATE: The two other characters on the cover have been revealed! Dug the talking dog (as seen in silhoutte during Ratatouille) and Kevin the female bird. Up is so intruiging!

(via The Pixar Blog)

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Pre-Order the Art Of UP!

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Posted by Upcoming Pixar • November 25, 2008

UPBriefly: has ‘The Art of UP’, written by Tim Hauser (The Art of WALL•E), available for pre-order now. The book costs $26.40 USD through the website (or 40.00 in stores) and will be available May 13, 2009! A cover for the book has not yet been released.

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The Art of Pixar Website

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Posted by Thomas • October 30, 2008

I’d like to point you all towards a new and might I say fantastic website,, which aims to gather all free and publicly available pieces of artwork from all the Pixar feature and short films, or as the website puts it, "A fan curated gallery of inspiring artwork."

You can even submit pieces that you think should be added. I highly recommend checking out this wonderful site.

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Tim Hauser on The Art of WALL•E

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Posted by Thomas • July 25, 2008

Animated Views has a good interview with Tim Hauser, the author of The Art of WALL•E.

Tim answers questions about writing the book and how he came to work on it. He also mention he is writing The Pixar Treasures and The Art of Up due for release next year. 
Thanks Martin.

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The Art of Cars Live In L.A.

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Posted by Thomas • March 7, 2008

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles will open the The Art of Cars starting on March 29, 2008 and will run till November 2, 2008, reports Two A Day.

There will be everything from the full-sized McQueen and Mater, to the 3D maquettes, as well as digital, pencil and marker sketches of the characters, and a whole lot of concept art to go with that.  

“It’s been our pleasure working with John Lasseter and his team to create ‘The Art of Cars’ exhibit” says Dick Messer, Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum. “This movie was very special to me and many other car nuts I know–young and old–because of the way it entertains with real-life references to the racing industry with non-stop action and more than 100 years of automotive history.”

says the official press release. Thanks jbelkin.

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