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The Art of Up Has Got it All Covered [UPDATE]

We can expect that from Chronicle’s next coffee table book from Pixar, The Art of Up! The book is written by TAo WALL•E author Tim Hauser, and includes 250 full color illustrations from production and development and a foreword from Pete Docter. And best of all, an awesome new cover is now available.

UPDATE: The two other characters on the cover have been revealed! Dug the talking dog (as seen in silhoutte during Ratatouille) and Kevin the female bird. Up is so intruiging!

(via The Pixar Blog)

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  1. Creative Hat says:

    I learn more from these art books than many texbooks I’ve read. They are treasure troves!
    -Scott Wiser

  2. Kevin the female bird? In the words of Joey Lawrence: whoa! It could also be similar to the “lady“bug in A Bug’s Life.

  3. I’ve always seen these “Art of…” books at the local bookstore, but never end up buying it. But love the artwork on the covers for all of them, hopefully they follow The Incredibles lead and use this style for a graphic end titles.

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