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Brand New Russian Up Posters + The Art of Up Preview

Double Up on UP News!

Up in Russia: AnimationS has discovered these brand new Russian Up posters.

They’re very elaborate, with rich colors, displaying the character dynamic between, not only Carl and Russell, but Dug and Kevin. Notably, on the bottom-right poster, there seems to be a character that looks like Kevin but with different coloration, could it be another member of the undiscovered species? Anyhow, I hope to see these one sheets in English soon!

Check them out above, click to view larger.

(Thanks, Wall_E21 from the Pixar Planet Fourms)

The Art of Up Preview: Parka Blogs has a nice little review of the upcoming Pixar/Chronicle Books release, The Art of Up!

Included are some pages from the publication itself, but beware, it contains possible spoilers for those who may not be all that familiar with some plot details in Up. In the post, a flip through video of the book is included. The quick peek at the contents reveal that The Art of Up will be rich in both art and informative text!

I think we’ve got yet another beautiful addition to everyone’s Pixar collection on our hands.

(Thanks, parka!)

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  1. Bryko614 says:

    If you look, the oddly colored Kevin is hand-drawn, so there probably isn’t another Kevin.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like the one were carl is holding up (get it) his walking cane thing the best

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