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Disney Announces ‘Incredibles’ and ‘Cars’ Sequels

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Posted by Brkyo614 • March 18, 2014

At this morning’s annual Disney shareholders’ call, CEO Bob Iger dropped not one, but two Pixar-related bombshells: a sequel to The Incredibles and a third Cars movie are both in development at the studio.

Not much is known about either of the untitled sequels, but Stitch Kingdom reports that Incredibles director Brad Bird is actively involved in that follow-up. I’m sure fans will be thrilled about at least one of these announcements.

With these reveals, Pixar’s announced lineup consists of the following:

Inside Out – June 19, 2015
The Good Dinosaur – November 25, 2015
Finding Dory – June 17, 2016
Untitled Pixar film about Dia de los MuertrosTBA
The Incredibles sequelTBA
Cars sequelTBA

The studio has releases lined up for June 16, 2017, November 22, 2017, and June 15, 2018.

Check back soon for more…

Is Pixar piling on too many sequels, or are you looking forward to these films?

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Dick Cook Resigns as Walt Disney Studios Chairman

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Posted by Martin • September 19, 2009

In shocking news, it seems the Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, Dick Cook, has resigned after 38 years with the company.

This announcement came to the surprise of many with reasons for the resignation undisclosed and being debated. Some sources are even saying that Cook was fired by a displeased Bob Iger. 

The major consensus would have to be that, under his leadership lately, the studio’s movies haven’t been performing all that well. This is especially true in the live action department where Disney lost $12 million even with the success of Up.

The major resignation also brings up the question: who will be taking over? Many are pointing to John Lasseter as the best candidate. Lasseter definitely deserves such a position but one would have to ask, will he be spread out too thin at this point? This could terribly affect our favorite Lamp and the many big wigs that do business with Mickey such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Tim Burton and Robert Zemeckis as noted by /Film.

For those who may not be aware, The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group oversees everything from Pixar and Disney Animation Studios to Touchstone and Miramax to Walt Disney Pictures and soon enough Marvel and DreamWorks. 

So as you can see, this move could heavily affect Pixar’s upcoming schedule and management. Please post your opinion in the comments section?

(Main Story via LA Times)

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WALL•E Lithographs Available Now!

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Posted by Martin • October 2, 2008

The Disney Store and are now offering a set of four lithographs with your pre-order of WALL•E now through November 17th (while supplies last). They include scenes from the movie in ready-to-frame, high quality glossy paper. A warning, those of you looking to get the 3-disc releases will not be able to pre-order your DVD/Blu-Ray at The Disney Store where they are not available, you can however order from Disney Shopping and recieve your movie and lithographs in the same package on November 18th.

To pre-order and see the rest of the lithograph set, click here.

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Pixar in the Vanity Fair 100

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Posted by Martin • September 4, 2008

Vanity Fair 100: The New Establishment lists the world’s most influencial people in business, government and entertainment and Pixar has a big presence this year.

Steve Jobs is among the individuals listed, the co-founder of Apple and former CEO of Pixar is at number 4. Vanity Fair recognizes:
"[Jobs can be proud of] Pixar, his animated-film powerhouse." 
Steve Jobs is now Disney’s biggest shareholder and sits on the board of directors.

Also very high on the list is Disney and Pixar Animation Studios Chief Creative Officer and director extrordinaire John Lasseter; Finding Nemo and WALL•E director Andrew Stanton; and The Incredibles and Ratatouille director Brad Bird (all tied at #28).

Other Pixar-related persons of interest on the list include Disney CEO Bob Iger (at #35) famous for reuninting Pixar with Disney and Tom Hanks (at #34) the voice of Woody in Toy Story and Toy Story 2, as well as the upcoming 2010 sequel Toy Story 3. Also listed is George Lucas (at #23) known for directing the Star Wars series and owning the Lucasfilm Graphics Group that would later be bought by Steve Jobs and become Pixar.

Great to see Pixar being recognized for their impact on the world.

(via The Pixar Blog)

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NYT on the Disney•Pixar Marriage

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Posted by Thomas • May 31, 2008

The New York Times‘ Brooke Barnes writes today about the Disney•Pixar marriage and how they have made it work. On the topic of sequels, direct-to-dvd features and Pixar, the article says:  

IN a subtle but important shift, Pixar has matured, allowing its strategic thinking to evolve inside a sprawling corporation. For instance, some of the studio’s executives once resisted sequels and direct-to-DVD efforts, arguing that quality and the brand could suffer. While sequels were not out of the question, they said Pixar’s hot streak hinged on pushing boundaries with original material.

In this four-page article, it talks more about how both companies have adapted to each other’s philosophies in business and quality, as well as "pre-nup" for the merger. Well worth a read if you are interested. 

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Pixarfying Disney

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Posted by Thomas • April 19, 2008

An interesting article from the Economist draws comparisons to between Pixar, Ratatouille and the way Disney is now being run by CEO, Bob Iger. 

Before Mr Iger took over, Disney had a factory-like process for animation in which a business-development team came up with ideas and allocated directors to them. “With the arrival of the Pixar leadership, Disney has adopted the director-driven development and production approach that Pixar has used so successfully,” says Mr Staggs. The full proof of Pixar’s impact on Disney’s animation will be seen in November when the firm releases “Bolt”, the first film developed entirely under the new bosses.

says the article as it draws comparison between the company and Ratatouille, portraying ex-Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, as Chef Skinner making cheap frozen dinners, until he is removed at Remy and co. come to town and take over the business.

Read the story and judge for yourself here.
Thanks Will.

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The Walt Disney Company 2007 Annual Shareholders Report

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Posted by Thomas • January 12, 2008

The Walt Disney Company have posted their 2007 Annual Shareholders report online today. 

It is filled with all the usual stuff to interest shareholders, but it does have some goodies to tantalize everyone else’s taste-buds, including the first image from The Frog Princess, and big pretty pictures from Disney films to look at, including WALL•E.
You can take a look here.

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